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Education Blog Innovative Education A Blog about Teaching and Learning
 This blog is for education, innovative education, e learning and online education. I put some articles on various interesting topics. You may find in this blog various Teaching learning ideas, innovative ideas on smart school class, smart classroom, smart classroom teaching, e learning and online education, the use of internet and social networking websites in education. Actually in this time our life style is changing and by the development of internet our education, education system, classroom and classroom teaching is also being innovative.

         Internet is changing our education system? Online learning software, e learning tutorials, online multimedia lessons, educational websites, online training, online two way conversation, online video chatting, high speed internet speed, 3 G service and online classes are very easy in this time by the development of internet technology. This e revolution makes the concept of “e-class” and “smart class” possible.  There are a need to train the resource persons; such as school teachers, academic and administrative staff. Now it is also become simple by online training. 

So don’t be surprised to see this e revolution. Be preparing to the smart school, smart class, smart teaching and smart learning. 

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 Active Learning Methodology.


Over The Head

It is an active learning technique, useful in various subjects. It makes teaching learning more interesting. It is more useful in primary and pre primary classes.

Active learning methodology is an active methodology for teachers. In A.L.M. there are main focus on the student’s activity and group activity. Teachers have to help the students to learn.

Smart learning is the new vision in education using computer, internet and multimedia in classroom teaching. It is really a smart teaching learning way, because it is the teaching of the modern age. Smart learning introduces worldwide approach in our classrooms. Internet is the ocean of knowledge.

Level of education in any locality is depends on that society, village or a community. Society plays a vital and powerful role in education. In a healthy society, the level and quality of education will be so healthy. 

When all things become dark in life, a treasure of nice thoughts lights us. There are few tips to develop student’s personality by various ways.

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