Over The Head

       In primary and middle schools many teachers face different type’s difficulties in teaching students. The list of problems may be long such as student’s  previous learning level is very low, parents do not give proper to their children and so many.Innocent teachers say what to do?
Over the head. student's learning level and teacher's teaching level.
      How to teach these poor background students?
I am not saying that teacher is wrong? But if the teacher tries to change his own way of thinking, the way of teaching, or his attitude towards the students, his problematic question will be change.

    If any student is very weak in any subject, our duty is to make student sound in that subject, not to blame the student.

    Teacher’s duty is to teach the student from where he is?
Teachers try to teach, but they do not help the students to learn anything. Hence the solutions begin from here.

    Teachers may be very intelligent, well educated, but they find the students very weak they try to blame the students, the system. But what is the mistake of the child? Is this that he is in that school………..?
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