Technology Revamped Education Sector?

The various ways of technology has enhanced the experience of learning. Technology has transformed the whole education system these days.

Is technology revamped the education sector?

Yes, Technology has touched our lives in almost all arenas, right from transportation, medical sciences, infrastructure and everywhere. But whenever we talk about technology aiding the education sector, there arises a doubt, specially among teachers and parents, that, “Use of tech in education won’t be of much use.” Don't be surprise if you discover new digital platform for free online training with certificates like Diksha App.

Smart school and online school management are a few examples where we can see how the technology transform many things.

This cliche is now about to shatter as Technology has proved its usefulness to the kids. Thanks to tech, heavyweight books have been compressed into e-books, which are much easier and lighter to carry. Online exams have saved paper-wastage and made the exam evaluation much easier. Leaning from a 3D animated video have made learning a fun experience rather than a burdensome process for a kid. Not only this, it is a proven fact that for a longer retention, visual mediums are more effective than others.

How technology has revamped the education sector?

Let's see what are the various ways' technology has enhanced the experience of learning.

Being attentive in a classroom and listening to what a teacher is explaining is an effective way to understand and grasp a topic, but is a usual tendency of kids to be inattentive and daydream in the class. Whereas, they wait eagerly to watch their favorite cartoon program. This is where the concept of learning with a visual medium came into scene.

Concept of Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is a concept which evaluates a student’s intelligence and skills. The understanding capability of a particular topic or chapter in measured by the amount of time s/he is taking to answer its practice question. This evaluation regularly improves one’s learning and understanding of a topic and increases speed as well.

When a student is well understood (through a visual medium of course), about a chapter or any concept, then they tend to develop a self-confidence among themselves, which makes them a better person, an influential speaker and boosts their self-esteem. They interact with other students in the class and teachers confidently. This learning also develops a capability to generate query or doubt regarding various subjects.

All major competitive exams like JEE and NEET, are conducted online, which means, a student needs to be familiar with technology and gadgets like computer, tablet or a smartphone. Hence, introducing them with tech at an early-stage builds their confidence in handling such products. “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” John Dewey.

Yes, as a parent, you need to understand the fact that the true meaning of education is not about filling a pail or bucket but igniting a fire within them. The fire to gain more knowledge, by experimenting and experiencing new encounters every day.

Author - Payel Bhowmick
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