Useful Teaching Learning Materials (T.L.M.) for Mathematics Teaching in Middle School Classes

Mathematics Teaching Learning Material (T.L.M.) For Primary and Middle School Classes

Easy tlm for maths
In primary and middle school classes, there are many concepts in mathematics related to our environment. It is very nice to arrange the teaching learning materials for those classes. Using teaching learning material is very useful to make Teacher’s Presentation easy, effective and attractive. Teaching Learning Material makes the mathematical concepts easy and interesting. Let’s talk about some geometrical terms and related T.L.M. that can be used and prepared easily in any school. There may be different innovative ideas for smart math learning. How to make math learning smart and interesting?

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 Useful Teaching Learning Materials (T.L.M.) for Mathematics Teaching in Middle School Classes

What is the role of T.L.M. in mathematics teaching?

What is the role of T.L.M. in mathematics teaching?
Teaching Learning material is the great tool to teach the students. It simplifies the subjects and makes teacher’s presentation interesting and attractive. Students learn better by examples and T.L.M.  In an innovative classroom, just like smart class, there are many opportunities for a teacher to arrange many teaching learning materials online. To know more about some useful and attractive teaching learning techniques, visit other posts on this blog.

Ready-made Teaching Learning Materials

In many schools, there are many ready-made T.L.M. are available for teachers. Many schools have science and mathematics kits. They can purchase several ready-made teaching learning materials from market. This ready-made T.L.M. is very useful. Teachers can purchase many mathematical instruments for classroom presentation. These instruments and equipment are very helpful for teachers and students.

Abacus Classroom Count Counter Kids Counting Math

Abacus is very effective for primary classes to learn counting.  Kids can learn to count using Abacus. Math Classroom would be very attractive using such kits.

Mathematics Kit for Class:

  It is a good idea to prepare “Mathematics Kit” in school.  A mathematics kit should contain essential equipment used in classroom teaching. It may contain various models of math’s instruments and equipment like scale, ruler, compass, geometry boxes, number line’s model and such equipment. It should be easily available for students, and teachers should encourage the students to use this kit. In a primary school teachers have many ideas for teaching learning materials like balls, pencils, seeds etc. They are very cheaper and easily available. There should be a separate box to put those learning materials. 

Online Learning Resources for Mathematics:

There are several online tools for teaching mathematics. Teachers can find many awesome websites useful in their classroom. Even they can find many sites teach how to teach numbers. Now, students can learn by social networking websites. Many Social and Educational websites are providing a facility to share educational content and ideas worldwide. The use of such websites is very helpful for teachers and students. Different learning software helps the teachers to make mathematics learning easy and funny. Teachers can use collaborative learning techniques within the classroom. It is very interesting to introduced project based learning. 

It is very helpful to use audiovisual devices just like learning videos to explain the different hard topics easily. Teachers can use different type’s mathematics online learning games as powerful T.L.M. (Teaching Learning Materials). 

The Geometrical Concepts in Primary and Middle School:

The Geometrical Concepts in Primary and Middle School

In primary and middle school syllabus in Madhya Pradesh (India) there are some basic concepts in mathematics like line, rectangle, square, triangle, circle, field, cone, perimeter and such type basic concepts. The textbooks are designed in such type to correlate these concepts with the environment. Use of sketch pens and color pencils are very useful to create the interest and attraction among the students in mathematics learning.

Teaching Geometry could be easy by using such kits.

Easy T.L.M. That May be used by Teacher:

It is very easy to use teaching learning materials in these classes. Teacher can use different type easily available teaching learning materials as matchbox for rectangle, scale for line. There are many teaching learning materials can be prepared by teachers using easily available materials. They can make different learning materials to card sheets, wood, wire, bangles, matchboxes, and so many materials easily available in environment. It is a nice idea to prepare a cloth sheet for numbers 1, 2, 3. When a teacher uses collaborative techniques to make the teaching learning materials in the classroom, he can achieve many goals. An innovative teacher has a lot of innovative ideas for TLM. Just try to use TLM in your classroom and bring the new experience of mathematics learning with joy.

How to Prepare Mathematical Teaching Learning Materials in Class?

It is an easy and interesting activity to prepare mathematical T.L.M. and models in classroom. Teacher can provide it as a project for the groups of students.  Teacher should facilitate the students to prepare the projects. A Teacher can arrange the essential materials for students. When students learn how to prepare the T.L.M., they inspired to do such activities again and again.

Whiteboard as Powerful Teaching Learning Material:

Teachers use whiteboard in teaching the classroom. What are the smart and innovative ways to use whiteboard as effective teaching learning materials in mathematics teaching? Actually, Smart and Active Teaching Learning Methodologies inspire the teachers to use more and more interactive teaching styles. These teaching methodologies ensure the student’s participation in learning. 

The teacher can Facilitate the Students to use whiteboard to explain their problems, ideas and practices. When students use a whiteboard, they can learn better, and they will be able to remember the concepts for a longer time. Teacher can plan How to Use Whiteboard for students. He can use whiteboard as interactive teaching learning material. Many educational websites are providing learning games and multimedia lessons on mathematics. Teachers can display these multimedia lessons on white boards by the computers and projectors.

Smart and Innovative Teaching Learning Materials for Smart Classes:

In modern classrooms where we are planning to use internet and multimedia devices to make classroom learning easy, interactive and interesting, it is very nice to use internet based teaching learning material to make mathematics learning smart and innovative. What is the internet based learning materials? Internet provides several opportunities to make teaching interesting and interactive. Online Learning Games are the best example for this. There are many learning games for students to make mathematics learning easy and interesting. Smart School Class is very suitable for using these learning games better. Students learn better by games and interactive teaching techniques.

In this article, these are my own ideas. What are your experiences? Please share with this blog. If you have some smart and innovative ideas about Teaching Learning Materials, feel free to share your experiences with this blog. If you want to get my links, please like my Google plus page “Innovative education”. To know more please visit the page “About This Blog”

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