Smart School Class

Smart School, Smart Class. Attractive and innovative technology in learning. Online learning is the future of India. E-learning platform like study24x7 is the new school.

Smart Class: The New Learning Environment in Classroom

        It is a new vision in education. The use of Education technology can bring a massive change in education. Internet and e-learning devices can make classroom environment extremely amazing. Teaching through computer, internet, and multimedia devices will be a common thing in the future. Now a day’s different multimedia lessons are available. By using these multimedia lessons, teachers may teach the students effortlessly.


In these day Smart class and smart schools are very fascinating dreams for students, teachers and the students. Students are genuinely interested about the smart school and smart class. Several institutes are making their classroom smart and modern. They are working on “Smart School Project”.

Modern e-learning and online education

      In modern e-learning and online education-based system, the smart class and smart school are not an unknown thing because in a smart class there will be computer enabled education system. Smart class provides a platform for online e class. We can say it “White Board e Evolution” in education. The question is that what is smart school and what is smart class and what is smart class education. There is a question also “What is smart school management system?”

Smart Class: The Innovative Classroom Learning

Smart school and smart class is an innovative concept in education. Now a day’s we are living in the age of internet, so our education system is also going to be online. In this environment, e-learning and online education is the need of this time. Use of internet in schools and education is not only a dream, but it is the necessity of the time.

Multimedia in classroom

             In a smart class, there will be computers, projectors, internet connectivity and other multimedia devices such as home theater etc.  The role of a teacher may be modified in such a new environment. In a smart class, student may use internet and this activity can change the old thinking about the students and the learning theory. Initially, it should be launched as a pilot project in a few schools. The experience and result of these schools leads the future planning. To make a new project in smart school vision, it is significant to invite the expert teachers to play a great role in policymaking.

Learning Environment In School

“Smart school, smart class” is a very attractive concept in education. It is an innovative concept in education. Smart class needs smart teaching learning environment. In a smart school, there may be innovative working system for teachers and in school management.

 An attractive classroom environment is needed for such type of smart and innovative activities. Smart school class will be more attractive, innovative, student friendly, healthy and more interesting class. In a smart class, it may possible there to arrange “online classes” by internet. Smart class is a platform for e smart class and online IT class.

Creative concept for the 21st Century's Teacher

Creativity requires a learning environment that fosters a sense of community, and the values of the community influence the behaviors of the members.

In the 21st century, when it comes to the skills that a teacher should acquire, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, cooperation, creativity, leadership are among the first-ranked skills.

Smart School Class: The creative concept for the 21st Century's Teacher

School managers have to make an effective classroom management system and a well-planned classroom arrangement as well. They are going to teach in the smart classroom of the Smart Classroom. In a smart classroom, they have to use smart classroom arrangement ideas.          It is really wonderful to teach in a global classroom. Teachers have to manage classroom behavior management in 21st century classroom. There may be something different classroom activities in 21st century smart classroom.

Education online, e Learning and “Smart Class” concepts need innovative and effective classroom management because it is the beginning of “21st century smart classroom”.

What is “Smart Class”

Smart Class, Living Room, Classroom, Master, School Projector

Smart Class is a Smart concept for Smart Educators of Smart Schools. “Smart Class” includes Smart Learning Techniques, Smart classroom management, Smart Learning environment and Smart Learning Materials. Internet, projector and other multimedia devices are the main parts of smart classrooms. It gives us a vast capacity to use visual learning material among the students. We can say smart class as “White board classrooms”. 

Now blackboard and chalks is replacing by white board, projectors, and the pointer. Really, it is an outstanding than traditional teaching learning system. Smart class is a class of modern age. There will be fully multimedia enabled audiovisual classrooms in a smart classroom. It will be quite different from traditional class. In a smart classroom, the teacher works as a facilitator in learning.

Smart Class: The upgraded kind of education

This upgraded kind of education is very fascinating for children! It is an innovative idea to change our boring system into a smart and innovative system of teaching-learning activities. Smart School: Smart class is a more fascinating model in the world. In a smart school, teachers have to develop the skill of learning from experiences. There are some countries and some states are a role model in “Smart School Education”.

The new era on smart learning

Online learning software, e-learning tutorials, online multimedia lessons, educational websites, online training, online two-way conversation, online video chatting, high-speed internet speed, 3 G service and online classes are easy in this time by the development of internet technology. This e revolution makes the concept of “e-class” and “smart class” possible. There is a need to train the resource persons; such as school teachers, academic and administrative staff. Now it is also become simple by online training. So don’t be surprised to see this e revolution. Be preparing to the smart school, smart class, smart teaching and smart learning.  

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