Teacher as a friend, Motivator and a Guide

Teacher as a friend and motivator. Before starting this article I want to share something with you. Once I visited a school and I found some nice lines on the wall of that school about the roles of a good teacher in Hindi. The meaning of those lines is:

Talk to the children,
Play with them,
Understand their mind
Be a friend to children
Start Talk about Education.

Those lines really inspired me.  Those lines include many interesting and attractive words like; talking to children, playing with children, understanding the child, and being a friend.  Actually, those lines reflect a very important message for teachers and it has a great psychological meaning too. Those lines tell us about the smart teaching way and also about innovative approaches to education. Let’s talk about the teacher’s special role with the students.

Teacher as a friend, Motivator and a Guide. Learn how a teacher can play a creative role in all round development of the student. Talk to the children, Play with them than talk about education.

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Do you a teacher? Remember when you perform the task yourself as a friend, Motivator, and Guide.


Teacher's role as a friend

Sometimes it is very strange to listen to the term “Teacher as a friend” for traditional people and schools. Many teachers do not inspire such type behavioral approaches in their teaching while some teachers understand the importance of this concept and they used it in their classroom. Why do many teachers encourage this concept? Education is a lifetime process. 

A person learns from many peoples in his life. He learns different lessons from different people, events, and experiences and from other things. But the teacher is the person who has a lasting impression on his life. A teacher is an ideal person for him. 

When a teacher understands the meaning of friendship and he behaves to the students like a friend, he finds a very helpful and joyful environment in his school as well as his classroom and he finds his work very easy.

What are the similarities between the best teacher and a best friend?

A best friend is a well-wisher, a good guide, and a helpful person; similarly, the best teacher is a well-wisher, a good guide, and a helpful person. As a best friend a teacher is a person who inspires the student to do good work. 

Friendly Environment Within a School:

It is very pleasant to feel the magic of friendly behavior. It inspired the teachers to do the best and best. Actually, in many schools many teachers do the work of "Only Teach the Students", many teachers only "Attend the School", many teachers "Do their Duty" and some teachers "Really Play his Duty."

It is very helpful to help the teachers to understand the students and then they can do their best in teaching and also in the overall development of the students. A good and friendly environment is very helpful to do something good and innovative. 

Sometimes a good and friendly environment is helpful to solve the teacher's problems as well as students' problems. Feel the advantages of being taught as a friend.

In our schools, a teacher has to understand the importance of solving the student's problems. He has to guide the students to live and learn better. A teacher is not only a teacher but a teacher is a motivator, and a good friend also. What do you think?

Education means the overall development of the personality. A teacher is a person who plays a great role in personality development. He is a person who knows many things about the student’s personality and the factors affecting the personality. A student spends several hours in the school so a teacher has many opportunities to develop the many social, personal, and psychological skills of a student.

Does friendly nature help the students?

The friendly nature of the teacher is always helpful to understand and develop these qualities. When a teacher plays a role of a guide, he guides the students in the desired direction. A school should be a place where students should feel happy to school. The creation of a positive loving atmosphere is also a responsibility of teachers and parents. 

The teacher is a Facilitator

A teacher is a facilitator too. A good teacher is help the students to learn and he helps the students to solve their problems too.  A successful teacher always uses some nice techniques to facilitate the students in learning and also their overall development. A good teacher is a good guide. 

A teacher is a person who plays a great role in student personality making. A teacher is an ideal person for the student and they imitate many things from the teacher. So a teacher needs to maintain a good personality.

In this article "Teacher as a Friend", these are my own ideas. What do you think about this?