Teacher as a motivator

A teacher plays different roles in educational institutes. There are different roles has to be played by the teacher; sometimes teacher as a facilitator, teacher as an instructor, teacher as a friend etc. but there is another role as well for a teacher that is teacher as a motivator. Motivation in teaching is an essential process of effective teaching. In this post, we will talk about teacher's role in increasing learners motivation and the need of teacher's motivation in classroom teaching. We have to understand the need of motivation. Inspiration and guidance in classroom teaching to make the teaching more effective.

Teacher as a motivator

Teacher as a motivator

In this article, we read how a teacher plays the role of a motivator.

What the needs of motivations in education are?

Motivation is a strong factor for the educators to educate the people. If the motivation is powerful and strong, the rest of the process will be easy and comfortable. Students effect from the different factors. They attract by different things. If they find anything attractive and useful, they pay a proper attention, but if they feel anything useless, they get tired and bored. So, a proper motivation moves them to grasp the lesson carefully and seriously.

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In a school or college, we see that the students like the specific teachers because those teachers always use the interesting presentation, and occasionally, he maintains the pleasant personality. So, we can understand the role of motivation in educating in our schools. A teacher has to play different roles in his journey. A teacher is a teacher, motivator, facilitator, and every so often he is a friend as well.

Teacher plays a role as a motivator

In modern age we are using different smart and active teaching learning methodologies. Several researchers have been searching innovative ideas in education. In so many countries, there is a crunch in educational research. We are in a situation to understand the teacher’s different role in education while we talk about the most recent trends in education, just like smart school smart class and e-learning: the digital innovation in education. We see that the teacher’s role will be modified. So, we need to apply different motivational skills in classrooms.

Creative motivational skills in a traditional school

In a traditional school, a teacher uses different motivational skills to motivate the students to learn and towards the different good habits depending upon the student’s age and level. What are the creative motivational skills in a traditional school or an institution? There are a lot of innovative and creative ideas to apply. Inspirational songs, visiting activities Learning by visiting and Visiting inside the school, educational excursions, co curricular activities, Nice Thoughts (Nice Thoughts: An innovative idea), children fair (Bal Mela) and so many. The proper and creative use of these activities makes a proper, interesting and energetic environment.

The ideas posted in this article are my. What do you think? Please share your valuable ideas.

Anil Sahu, www.edutoday.in