Children Fair (Bal Mela)

A Children Fair (Bal Mela) Story

Children Fair in My School. A success story of organizing bal mela in a middle school. A great opportunity to introduce yourself as a facilitator. It is also useful for making a enjoyable moments in School.

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A little surprise for students

That was the month of November 2010, the students were very excited, because they had been to BHERAGHAT last month. Now all students wanted to do something new in our school. I suggested them that we may organize The Children Fair in our school this year. All students hesitated because it was a new and unknown activity for them. They did not participated in School Children Fair before it.

Participation of children

Some students became agree to participated in this fair. So we had decided to celebrated it the day after tomorrow.

Celebrate the Mela in School

On the decided day we celebrated children Fair (Bal Mela) in our school. Many students bring many home made dishes and some sweets and Namkeen to sell in this Fair. some students sold fruits and some sold "Gulab Jamuns".

All materials had been sold within two hours. All students and parents and teachers enjoyed this Fair. That was really an unforgettable Fair in my school life.

Fair fulfilled the goals

That activity was so important because that was the First Children Fair in that village as well as the school. Main purpose of that activity was making awareness to the school in parents and students and i want to develop leadership qualities in the students. That was a success activity of my school, which fulfilled our goals.

Kids like such type activity much. Children's fair is a good and fun-creating activity. It is important how to host children fair? Do you have attractive and creative ideas about organizing such beautiful activities?

Children can relax and enjoy here. Bal Mela can be a wonderful event for many activities like painting, flower making etc. Schools may achieve various educational opportunities here so.