Diksha Nishtha Training List of All 18 Courses

The digital learning platform diksha had introduced a special series of NISHTHA TRAINING for working teachers last years. Many teachers have completed diksha nishtha training in diksha App. It is really great android application to join free online courses for teachers with certificates. Here we are talking about the list of all nishtha modules with their title and the content in specific learning module. Many teachers were unable to complete the all modules in given time period, so there were a few specific slots for them to complete the diksha nishtha training. You may be glad to know that some education boards have awarded the teachers on completing all modules.

 Diksha nishtha training list an overview

Diksha training- nishtha program for Indian teachers, school heads and resources persons.

In this post we are also discussing about the online diksha certificate and diksha course link.

What is Nishtha Training?

Like any other training, Nishtha is also an inspirational training. It strengthens the basic competencies of teachers and understanding of children. The important part of this training is;

NISHTHA is an innovative and simple capacity building program for "Improving the Quality of School Education through Integrated Teacher Training". It aims to build competencies among all teachers and school principals at the elementary level.

From where can I complete my nishtha training?

It is an important query. The medium of completing these training courses online are nishtha portal and nishtha app. You can visit nishtha portal directoly on htttps://nishtha.gov.org and you may download nishtha app from play store.

There may be some queries in your mind that how to login diksha app and how to complete a course on diksha app.

We published few posts related to these questions. you may read them. We will publish some posts related to another queries like- how to get certificate in diksha app. So keep visiting our blog for latest informations about diksha app, nishtha trining link and online diksha training.

There may be few another question in your mind like how to login diksha with state system and how to download digital certificate in diksha. You may read articles related to these topics in our blog shortly.

The largest teacher training program in the world

Nishtha is the largest teacher’s training program of its kind in the world. The mode of learning and digital supportive system is very good and it is helpful for learners to complete the courses in a simple way.  The basic objective of ‘NISHTHA’ is to motivate and equip teachers to encourage and foster critical thinking in students and its expert panel guides throughout the training friendly. Nishtha training covers important aspects related to child learning and development like- Learning Outcomes, Competency Based Learning and Testing, Learner-centered Pedagogy, School Safety and Security, Personal-social qualities, Inclusive Education, ICT in teaching-learning including Artificial Intelligence, Health and well-being including yoga, Initiatives in School Education including library, eco club, youth club, kitchen garden, School Leadership qualities, Environmental Concerns, Pre-school, Pre-vocational Education and School Based Assessment in a joyful learning manner. These entire things make it useful and important for teacher’s orientation.

All we know that to face the challenges in education in 21st century; we must have to train all teachers according to need of the time. Hence Nishtha is a likely program to develop the all essential qualities among the teachers. The supportive factor is that Diksha Portal has been working on the current issues in education and their new training module covers the need of modern time.

Nishtha program is for-

Diksha launched the Nishtha program all over the India for covering all school teachers and Heads of Schools at the elementary level to higher secondary level in all Government schools, faculty members of State Councils of Educational Research and Training (SCERTs), District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs) as well as Block Resource Coordinators (BRCs) and Cluster Resource Coordinators (CRCs) in all States and UTs. It is a mile stone in education in 21st century.

The important thing is that this initiative is first of its kind wherein standardized training modules are developed at national level for all States and UTs. There are a few good things that make it more useful for all states. States and UTs can contextualize the training modules and use their own material and resource persons also according to the needs of them, keeping in view the core topics and expected outcomes of NISHTHA.

List of Diksha Nishtha Training Courses

Module 1: Curriculum, Learner centered Pedagogy, Learning Outcomes and Inclusive Education.

Module 2: Developing Social - Personal Qualities and Creating Safe and Healthy School Environment.

Module 3: Art Integrated Learning.

Module 4: School Based Assessment.

Module 5: Health and Well-being in Schools.

Module 6: Integration of ICT in Teaching-Learning and Assessment.

Module 7: Initiatives in School Education.

Module 8: Pedagogy of Environmental Studies (Primary Stage).

Module 9: Pedagogy of Mathematics.

Module 10: Pedagogy of Languages.

Module 11: Pedagogy of Science (Upper Primary Stage).

Module 12 : Pedagogy of Social Sciences (Upper Primary Stage).

Introduction to the Package for School Leadership Development.

Module 13: School Leadership: Concepts and Application.

Module 14: Pre-School Education.

Module 15: Pre-Vocational Education.

Module 16: Relevance of Gender Dimensions in Teaching and Learning Process.

Module 17: Initiative in School Education.

Module 18: Workshop Schedule and Session Design.

The main resource centers for nishtha


The main resource persons for this e learning training are- Key Resource Persons (KRPs) and State Resource Persons (SRP). All they are experts in their fields.

The main resource bodies are-

  1. National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  2. National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS),
  3. Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS),
  4. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)