Diksha: free online courses for teachers with certificates

Diksha free online courses for teachers

Are you a teacher and want to develop your teaching quality with high-quality training at home with certificates, then this article is for you? Keep reading it until the end. Everyone wants to be certified with a certificate that is proof that he has done this one. Diksha is an appropriate platform for all of them. Here, teachers can find a variety of free courses with certificates. It is not a dream, but it is a real thing that could happen in your life. You can complete a course on Diksha easily. Let’s start this post with the introduction to the Diksha initiative of the Central government of India in the education sector.

What is Diksha?

free online courses with certificates for teachers in india

Diksha is a digital infrastructure for school education, and it is amazingly helpful for teachers and students. It is an initiative of NCERT, the leading educational organization in India. NCERT- National Council of Educational Research and Training has been working on educational innovations and teacher training for a few decades. Diksha is an online platform for educators

The target audience for Diksha

Teachers, students, and parents play a vital role in the education system and this platform covers all needs of this target group along with school heads and Principals. It helps school administration by launching a lot of free management courses online. A stress management course is a good example of this. Stress management course helps the school headmasters and principals to work without stress.

Types of Educational courses at Diksha

There are two examples by which you can understand the efficiency of this platform-Free online courses for primary school teachers and free online courses for middle school teachers. When we find the separate courses for each section, there is a clear picture that each type, of course, is designed for the need of each section.

There are so many courses for teachers for academic assistance like- fundamental literacy, basic math, language teaching, etc.
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Management courses for School teachers and heads

As earlier we have discussed stress management course, there are several courses that are helpful for management skills. All courses can be completed at your convenience. You can complete them at your school or at home. They provide basic information and skills useful in academic and managerial fields.

Health and wellness courses

As a school teacher, there's a need to be aware of children's health and safety. Here's a great resource library of health, wellness, and sanitation-related topics.

For example- a separate training module is available for teachers who deal with 9th-grade students.
Health and Disease Introduction_1.

If teachers and physical instructors want to get additional information and skills, they can join this digital training module.

How to complete any course in Diksha

Diksha platform is a smartphone application-based. You have to register yourself as a user in Diksha App. There is a wide range of users like teachers, students, parents, school heads, and others. When you register yourself in this app by using the teacher's unique ID, mobile number, or email, you can unlock its amazing features and your achievement records can be stored.

What is special for teachers?

There are a lot of state education boards in India. It is advisable for teachers to log in with the state system. If they do not log in with the state system, it is hard to keep tracking their achievements for academic purposes.

What is a Unique ID?

The unique ID is a special identification for every teacher provided by the school education department. For example, any teacher in the Madhya Pradesh state of India is having his separate Unique Identification Number (Unique ID).

How can we get the free certificate on Diksha App?

It is a good question. When you registered yourself with the state login system on this app, you had to prepare a personal profile with a few basic information like state, district, medium of instruction, and Unique ID. The Diksha app stores all training data in your profile. When you completed any training after some time, it appears in the profile section. And you may download it and can print it on paper. It is an e certificate. It is free.

We hope this article will be helpful in enhancing your knowledge and skill. Please share this information about Diksha app with your friends.