How can I complete a course on Diksha

Now this time Diksha App is a well-known name for all school teachers. It provides study materials for classes 1 to 12 in many languages. Diksha has been delivering the training materials for many school boards in India. This app provides various free online courses for teachers with certificates in a friendly way. In this article, we know about What is Diksha App and How we can complete a course on this innovative e-learning platform on an android smartphone or computer. You may be having many queries like how can I attend online classes in Diksha, and what is Diksha training? We hope you will get the useful information in this article.

How we can complete a course in diksha app. what is Diksha e learning platfarm?

On the teacher’s day, 5 September 2017, Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu launched DIKSHA. It is a very popular e-learning platform adopted by 35 Indian States/UTs as well as CBSE, and NCERT. It helped numerous learners and teachers. The main features of Diksha are it is very innovative, user-friendly, and can be accessed free of cost by anyone. Diksha e-learning platform of India supports multiple languages. It is supported by the Department of education, and it has been covering several topics of learning and teacher training content.

To join any course in this app, you have to download the app from the Google Play Store. is the official URL.

This e-learning app has been working in the field of Teacher and Leadership Training, Lesson Plans, and Teacher Tools. These efforts make it significant for all educational bodies of India.

What is Diksha App, useful for teachers, parents, and students?

Diksha is an android application launched by NCTE – National Council for Teachers Education, which provides a convenient way of learning and online training. It is not only an application for teachers, but it is also beneficial for school administrators, students, and non-teaching staff also. It offers a wide range of courses for different needs. To get more benefits from this digital app, you must have to log in in. During the Covid-19 crisis, many teachers got training at home through the Diksha app. Users who register themselves on the Diksha app can join specific courses, and they are invited to join courses by the institutes they are associated with. The wide range of training courses makes the Diksha platform very useful and time-saving.

Types of courses on DIKSHA

A variety of courses is available here. We can classify available courses on Diksha into 3 main categories:

My Courses:

The courses you have opted for are shown here. My courses' category displays the list of courses that you have undertaken for your needs or interest, have partially completed, or recently joined. This list also includes the course that you are invited to join by the institutes you are associated with.

My State Courses:

This special category displays the list of State-specific course that is created and uploaded by the user’s State. For example, any teacher who belongs to the Bihar state of India; can find the list of available courses for him. This list is visible only to users registered in a specific State that he has selected during the Diksha app registration. Diksha's digital platform is useful for anyone who is interested in these courses as well. If you log in to Diksha as an authenticated State user, you can join the course for any batch that is open for enrollment. The most recent courses are displayed at the top of the dashboard.

Featured Courses:

This is a special category of available courses on the Diksha app. This category displays all available courses, irrespective of the organization that created them. We can say that Diksha displays a few courses for the suggestion. Any logged-in user can join the course shown in this category.
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Latest Courses:

This category displays a list of the course most recently added to DIKSHA. All state boards launch a few courses timely. They are displayed here.

It is a really very useful app for in-service teachers and staff. It is necessary to create a user profile in the Diksha app before doing the courses for certificates. If you do not log in properly; you may have face difficulty getting certificates. All certificates can be getting digitally.

There are specific batches for particular courses, and you must complete them in the given time. If you missed any particular batches; you have to wait for the next schedule.

There are separate guidelines for any course, and you have to follow the guidelines. You are advised to take the course instructions given at App to successfully complete the courses and get the digital certificates on Diksha- Platform.

How to join a course on Diksha App

Here we are providing step-by-step guidelines for joining any course in Diksha App. If you have logged in properly and followed the guideline, you can complete the course successfully and on completing the course you will be awarded a Digital certificate.

  1. Browse the course under my courses section. Make sure you have selected your state board course.
  2. Tap the desired course that you want to complete. And open the course by tapping on the icon.
  3. Click on ‘JOIN COURSE’ or ‘Register in Course’ to Start Learning.
  4. If you did not log in here, you will find the ‘Login’ message. You have to log in first and then keep continuing the process.
  5. When you tap ‘Join Course’ you can read basic information regarding the course. The Batches for this course page are displayed here. You can see the main content categories here.
  6. Few courses show the message- ‘Download the course’. If you find this, tap the ‘Download’ icon to download the course. If you have downloaded the courses, you can view all downloaded content offline.
  7. You can see the batch start date and end date here. The last date of enrollment is crucial. You should try to finish your course in the given timetable.
  8. When you start the chosen course, you have to agree with the terms and conditions. It is an essential step.
  9. Note: You can complete Diksha Digital training modules within more than one sitting. When you open the course next time, it will resume where you left it.

    How to complete a Course in Diksha App?

    Diksha is having two types of courses-

    1. Course with certificates
    2. Course without certificates.

    Both types of courses are important for trainees or learners. When there is any course with no certificate, there is a note that this course is having no certificate. You need not worry.

    Completing any course in Diksha App is not very difficult. The android application provides you an easy and friendly interface, and you can learn all the information provided in the course modules.

    When you completed any course on Diksha, there is a course completing message is displayed on the screen. “You have successfully completed this course.” If you missed any content in this course, you check this in-app. If you face such a situation, you have to finish that one.

    Assessments in Diksha App

    Digital Diksha app training modules include a variety of things here. It is also included with assessments that must be completed. All assessments are useful, and they should not be ignored. At the end of the course module, there may be a few quizzes for learners. When you answered the quizzes, you can see your score onscreen.

    The final words

    Friends if you have used Diksha App, you may know that it provides a compelling and friendly learning atmosphere. We tried to provide a piece of basic information about this app. We are planning to publish a series about the Diksha app. Furthermore, we want to cover the other useful topics and questions related to the Diksha app. Did you find this article useful, please share your opinions with us?