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       Since last few years blogging became a hobby for many teachers. Many teachers like to write blogs because they want to share their ideas and they also want to discuss different educational issues, problems in teaching, educational ideas and opinions. But when we see blogging activity in regional languages and than we look for educational blogs we see that many teachers like to write blogs in English. What are the regions behind this? Just talk about Hindi educational blogs and bloggers who write in Hindi language. 

Why Teachers Prefer to Write in English?

       We find that many teachers who write blogs on education technology and technology integration in education, they prefer to write in English than Hindi. There may be many reasons behind this. English is a universal language and when any blogger starts writing in English, he connected with the world and many people who can read and write English, they feel easy to read and comment on that blog. It is a main reason why many teachers prefer to write blogs in English. Sometime teachers feel easy to write in English because they have a sound knowledge of this language

How to Write Blogs in Regional Language?

       When we see technological development and innovations in internet, we find that now it is very easy to write and read blogs in regional languages. Now we find a lot of websites who provide content in Hindi and other languages. So it should be easy to write blogs in Hindi and other regional languages. If bloggers start writing in their regional languages, many readers will connect with their blogs. It is true that internet provides many facilities like transliterate where user can transliterate content in other language, but it is always easy to read any blog without any extra effort.

Blogging in Hindi

hindi blogging, blogs in hindi, popular hindi blogs, famous hindi bloh, best hindi blogs, hindi blog, hindi modern blog, hindi super blog, super hindi blogBlogging in Hindi is very easy and comfortable. Google blogger provides Google transliterate feature where user can write in Hindi. It is a very useful facilities for Indian blogger. They can write and spread their ideas through Hindi.

    Now internet technology make it very easy to share your ideas around the world. In coming next years when blogging will be popular among teachers, we can see a lot of advanced features in blogging sphere. Hence it is easy and nice to write blogs in regional languages because a lot of people want to read you.

Scope of Hindi Blogging

It is a good news for Indian internet users that scope of Hindi blogging is going to be very good. There are many internet users increased every year in India. The demand of Hindi content is going to be high, so there is a good future for Hindi bloggers. Many Indian bloggers have been doing a very nice work in this field. Teachers who wish to do nice work in blogging they have a good time to start.

Teachers Blogs in Hindi

Hindi is a very popular language in India and abroad. It has a lot of opportunities in blogging. There are a lot of users who want to read in Hindi.

In this post about writing blogs in Hindi and regional languages, these are my own ideas. What do you think on this? Please share your valuable experiences on this topic.

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