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Digital world is full of awesome opportunities and the awesome resources. Education sector is also realizing the power of digital revolution. In 21st century modern schools where many things are going to be digital and online, it is a relevant discussion about the uses of digital tools in schools in teaching, maintaining and the supervision. It is also a good idea to have e library in school. Digital library or e library is a collection of useful e Books, slides, E-Learning materials, learning movies and such related e learning materials. Digital library should be student friendly where learning is a fun. What is the use of digital library or e Library in schools. Digital library or e library is the modern form of library and it is useful to fill the needs of learning. In this post we are talking about Digital Library and some ideas about digital learning resources in school.

Some ideas about School Digital Library


School Library

School library is a very useful facility for teachers, students and sometimes for parents too. In many schools teachers use library to improve student's reading ability.Libraries are the important part of the education system. Libraries facilitate the readers to get knowledge in different fields. In traditional schools there is a library contains various books on different subjects useful for students and teachers. A good library having newspapers and magazines which are useful for enhancing student's and teacher's knowledge. In big schools there is a well maintained library where a librarian maintains the school library while within small schools there are teachers maintain the school library.

The Digital Library

A digital library use digital equipment as computers, projectors and internet devices. Digital library is an advanced concept for advanced institutions, schools, colleges and universities. Researchers find digital library very useful and digital library is very helpful for them. By using internet digital library facilitate the students/learners and researchers to discover the new and innovative things around the world within seconds. A digital library contains various reading materials in a digital format. Digital library is an advanced place to learn, to read and to research and technology helps the learners. In this digital age many schools and educational organizations are going to develop their own e-Library for the students. Digital world is helping the education sector with its amazing power of knowledge and connectivity power.

School Digital Library

School Digital library is a useful library for schools. Schools who fulfill all essential requirements like computers, 24 hours electricity supply, internet connections and other essential equipment like projectors, whiteboards and separate rooms for library and skilled manpower can establish a "Digital Library" for their school. Digital Library is an innovative type of library where students can get more and more useful learning opportunities. Digital library is a good example for e-Learning.

Digital Library for Smart Schools

"Smart school and smart class" is a smart concept for the innovative schools. Digital library is very useful for smart schools where students are familiar with smart and innovative mode of learning. School Blog or school website can be useful to guide the students how to use school digital library. School blog/website can publish the latest materials in the "School Digital Library" and the ideas how to search the content in library.
There are many innovative teachers who have been developing smart teaching learning materials for smart classes. Many schools have been using digital learning materials in their classrooms. A digital library is a good idea to use those learning materials for students. A well-managed digital library can have a collection for online and offline learning materials for different subjects. Different e-Books and e-Magazines should be available in school digital library. What is your idea about "School e-Newsletter"?
In this post these are my own ideas. What do you think about School Digital Library?

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