Let’s imagine about Schools of Future

A Talk about the Future of Education 

Let’s imagine about Schools of Future. Man is Writing on Laptop Computer at workplace.

        In the story of human development we have been seeing many changes and modifications in our lifestyle. Now the whole world is as a global village. If any idea or technique is discovered in any part of the world it spread all over the world within a few seconds. All these miracles are possible by internet and online communication system. So when we talk about the future of education, it is a more remarkable fact come in mind that the future of education will be internet and online based. May be many online teaching schools can we see. Let’s imagine about some dramatic change of future education and technology and tools will involve in future education.

I think about 21st century school

I think that many things may be change in next generation schools. In 21st century the collaborative project-based curriculum will used in the classroom develops the higher order thinking skills, effective communication skills, and knowledge of technology. Online learning schools will be coming.

I think that the goal of the 21st Century classroom is to prepare students to become productive members of the workplace.

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Education Online 

Online teaching school is a great concept. As several departments are going to be online and a lot of manual work is replaced by computerized and online, it is clear that the future education will also be online.

In 21st century internet and online techniques are the more fascinating and convenient. Online teaching school is a great concept. As several departments are going to be online and a lot of manual work is replaced by computerized and online, it is clear that the future education will also be online. It may be possible that many schools and universities will focus on online teaching learning materials and resources. Students will be able to study online at home. Different social networking websites and portals will available only for educational purposes. Technology integration will be most important part of education.

 Web Based Learning 

   In future it will be possible to learn on the web. Educational boards and institutes will provide online learning content on websites. More schools will start a online teaching school for learning. It will be very helpful to students to learn by websites at home. Don't be surprised to see online learning schools in future. Internet will play a great role in teaching learning process. The role of a teacher may be modified in future. The teachers of future will be a teacher and a facilitator in learning. They have to teach the students how to learn on the web. 

 School Website

     It may possible that each school will prepare its own website for their students and parents where students and parents get information and desired notices about the school. The date of admission, time table of examination and all important information will be displayed on school website. School website will be rich of learning contents. It will be an authentic source of school's information. Schools publish their results and policies on school's website. School website will be a place to share teaching learning experiences. It will be a place to put the achievements of the school and students.

Smart Class

   In future 21st century classroom will not a traditional classroom, it will be a smart classroom where students can find more and more smart opportunities of learning. They will use smart teaching materials and tools in classrooms like whiteboard in place of green board or blackboard. Modern classrooms will be enriched with modern learning materials. Smart class will be an interactive class adjusted to the need of future education. 

E Learning 

The schools and colleges of future will be quite different than traditional schools. They provide classroom education as well as e Learning and online education too. The teaching system will be modified for both type of learning. The Smart Learning Atmosphere Let’s imagine about the atmosphere of the schools of future. In the future, schools may be smarter. The teaching learning methodologies and techniques will be more innovative. In modern schools teachers will use smart and active teaching learning methodologies.

     In this article these are my own ideas. What are you ideas on this topic, please share with this blog. You may visit my page “Innovative Education” on Google Plus.