Technology Integration Help School

How will the technology integration help the schools and education? 

In recent decades we see amazing changes in technology. It can help you modify your lessons. Technology changes a lot of things and our lifestyles too. We are seeing the consequences of this technological development everywhere and now the whole world is welcoming the new technologies in every sphere of the life. Why our education and educational system should be unchanged by these technological developments and innovations? Now we are familiar with the technology integration in education as well as the universities and schools.

What is technology in education

Integration of technology helps school teachers to form a good relationship with students and their parents. Whatsapp chat can help to solve many questions. Digilep program is one of the recent example of this. DigiLep is one of the innovative learning program where students and teachers are using technology in their home and classroom.
Whatsapp group also helps students to learn in a convenient and flexible format that fits in their busy life.
what is technology in education

New Educational Technology in Classrooms

In these days several educational institutions are attracting towards the new educational technology in classroom. They are finding new educational technologies very attractive, why not it is the time for new education technologies specially online educational technology. So they have been developing the education technology resources and I think they are in a good direction because they are aware about the future of education technology and online education. In recent future classrooms are going to be digital and online and of world class. The educational resources have to be developed in this direction.
It gives several creative resources and ideas for learning convenient and flexible format.

What is technology integration in education?

Why we need technology integration in education?

It is a common question to ask, why we are so aware to technology integration in education. The answer is so simple; it is the age of technology and development. If everything is going to be modernizing the education is also need to be modernization; if we will not update our system we will lost anything. So to stay update and stay in the global market it is very essential to update our education according to the global standards.

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 Why we need to make our school smart and modern? 

Actually education is the most important factor of the development of any country. School and universities are as like a factory to generate the skilled man power, so how we neglect these important institutions. If we will not change according the time, how we will compete in this competitive world? It is the need of time to move towards the modernization and technological integration in schools and universities. Is it not costly to use technology integration in educational institutes? It is a relevant question that why to change the traditional system to a new technological based system?

There are manny inovative ideas to use in selecting a technology tool to be integrated.

Why to spend a huge amount on these technological integration? 

<< क्या शैक्षिक संस्थानों में प्रौद्योगिकी एकीकरण का उपयोग महंगा नहीं है? >>

 Don’t to be surprised, every innovation passes by such questions. Actually we do not want to take any risk, it is a human nature. But if we look backward the history, we find the answers of our hesitations and questions. There are a lot of advantages of the huge investments. When we find the advantages and achievements, we forgot the past and welcome the future.

These are my own ideas. What do you think? Please share your ideas on my blog.

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