Smart class tech integration

Smart class Tech integration in classroom

Smart Class and integrating technology in the classroom. Edu smart class ideas. Innovative teaching learning devices uses in online school Education. As other modern innovative and interactive teaching smart class is introduced in many schools, there are many questions, doubts and hesitations in mind of many educators and parents. Many of them looking it  as an extra-burden, many of them see it is a magical thing or the magical way of learning which can free the teacher at all. Many parents think that it is a magical way of learning and there is no need to teacher and homework.

Tech integration in classroom

    There are many reasons to think so about smart class because it is a new and extra-ordinary system/technology for many schools. People imagine on the basis of their knowledge and experiences.

Tech integration: Many questions in mind

   There are always a hesitation and many questions to adopting new system and methodologies every time but when we start using it we can evaluate and adopt it easily. Smart class is also a new and innovative learning system which will need a better coordination of resources, better practices of technology integration and better adoptive techniques. Smart Class is an innovative classroom activity using the latest technology in teaching. Let's talk about resource coordination and good technology integration in smart classes.

Technology Integration in Smart Class:

      It is a new learning environment for students, teachers and administrators and also for parents to introduce in smart class. Smart class is based on new education technology like computers, projectors, white boards, animations and graphic visuals.

     There is a need to understand the whole teaching learning system and to familiarize the students and parents. Smart class is an innovative learning environment and it is important thing to keep in mind that smart class is an modern system to teach the students with a quite innovative way and it should not be an obstacle in teaching learning. Smart class is an innovative-interactive learning system and communicating devices should be available.

Innovative mobile application for teachers

Mobile learning is the next step in education. Mobile learning is one of the most effective learning tool. There are a few mobile apps who are useful for teachers. M Shiksha Mitra is one of its kind mobile application used in India. By using M Shiksha Mitra teachers perform many work by it. Visit this post to know more about m Shiksha Mitra Mobile App.
Advantages of m Shiksha Mitra

Smart equipment for teachers

   Teachers have many smart equipment to help in teaching and they have to learn how to use them in a proper way. If there is any problem there are many resource persons to help them/to facilitate them. The resource persons may be like school administrator, programmers and senior expert faculties. There should not be any hesitation to consult them.

     A good combination of equipment is needed for running a smart class but there is any problem with any equipment there should be the alternate for these.

   Teachers have to integrate the traditional and innovative teaching technologies/methodologies for a better output. 

    In this post (about Smart Class) the ideas are my own. I would like to know your insight. feel free to drop a comment here. I would like to publish the next post about "Smart Class and Coordination with technology and human resources".

Anil Sahu
Teaching Learning Materials

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