Need of gender co-ordination in schools

Need of gender co-ordination in schools for better achievements. Respect all genders is a part of value education. It is a main issue in the schools but generally it is not to be considered as a main issue. In many schools teachers do not think that it is any matter to discuss and to think. Actually in any school where education is co-education there are boys and girls study together and there are male teachers and female teachers and there is a need to better gender co-ordination for better adjustment and better performance. 

If teachers understand the value of gender co-ordination well, there is a hope to find out the better educational performance including student's punctuality and also in classroom management. Here we are talking about need and importance of gender co-ordination in schools for better achievements.

Need of gender co-ordination in schools for better achievements

Why gender co-ordination needed in schools?

In different societies and social atmosphere there are different types of human behavior to boys and girls and in a school these things also affecting by various ways. Students must have to learn respect for all genders.

Many parents neglect girls to get education. In this situation there is a need of gender co-ordination. Teachers have to understand the social behaviors and they have to ensure the education of girl students. There are many obstacles for girl child so teacher needs to understand the problems and he has to solve the obstacles.

A helping and positive attitude of a teacher can minimize the student's problems and it is helpful to create their interest in learning.

The role of gender coordinator in schools

The gender coordinator needs not only watch the attendance of girl students. HE/She is a coordinator and he/she has to try to search different helping factors that can be helpful in girl students, boy students and their social, psychological and academic development too. A good gender co-ordinator can play a great role of motivator motivated to the students.

Gender co ordinator as a psychological facilitator

As a good teacher gender coordinator should have the sound knowledge of educational psychology. When he/she have to visit/watch any school he should focus on the better adjustment behavior between girls and boys too. If there is any problem, he/she has to solve it.

The better gender co-ordination behaviors of teachers

Teachers are the main role playing human resources in the schools and education. They need to know all the helping and non-helping factors about the students. Gender co-ordination is also a helping factor which can be helpful to student's learning achievement and their social and psychological development. 

Teacher's supportive and helping behavior attract the students to learn and to be present in the school. They need not to neglect this factor. Teacher's behavior may be a very helping factor to student's learning and facilitating in learning.

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