A Teacher With Good Teaching Attitude

Teaching is a nice job which needs quite different responsibilities and attitudes. What will you think about a math teacher who doesn't know how to use teaching learning materials for mathematics. If a person attains those qualities and attitudes, he is called a good teacher, but if he does not have these qualities and attitudes, he is not ranked properly. Actually, in a school, a teacher is not ranked only by his teaching work; he is ranked by another works too. A person may be good in many things but what his performance in a desired field, is important. I want to share a story about a teacher who had a good teaching attitude.

Teacher Learning School Teaching Classroom Good Attitude
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evidently, we expect a math teacher should know about mathematics learning materials. Why do we expect so? It is because of a teacher should be aware about his subject as well as his all the duties about the school and students. 

A Hindi Teacher Inspiring Story

      A student who was appearing her graduation degree, she needs to complete a project “Hindi Teaching in A Middle School”. She has to attend a middle school for one and half months to complete her project under the guidance of the school Headmaster. Her project was related to Hindi teaching material. She came to the school and asked the headmaster to help her. The Headmaster permitted her to attend the school to learn and also to teach within the classes. She was permitted to work as a teacher.

Story of a Good attitude teacher

      That girl attended the school and did the teaching job nicely and with her help the school headmaster was able to do many innovative activities in the school. So, we can say that she was a helpful person to make some milestones in the school. She works as a disciplined teacher. Let’s talk about her work, qualities, and attitudes.

     She was very punctual and obedient. She attended school daily at proper time, sometimes she opened the school. Not only that, but she had a sound attitude about the school and teaching.  She also attended the daily prayer. She was interested in doing the other works like preparing the question papers, making the list of scholarship etc. Furthermore, she had a pleasant personality and did not feel boring to do teaching work. She had a good commanding over the students and able to make a discipline in the school. She was not paid for her duty, but she did her duty very well. Not only that, but she did not get money from the school, but she earned the name from the school. She was a person with good teaching attitude.
She had a lot of teaching learning material for primary classes in Hindi. That was her academic interest.
    It is the example of good work. If a person does nice work, he is praised automatically. A person is identifying with his work. There is no need to worry about the praises. Does your work properly, accept the responsibilities, identify the problems and solve them, be a helpful, responsible and useful person, you will be praised.

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