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A Good Teacher Everyone Expects

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What is a teacher?

A good teacher is like a candle –

It consumes itself To light the way for others.

A good Teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way of others.

Qualities of good teachers

The best teacher is a precious personality, but in real life, students choose their best teacher differently so. It is because of their individual difference of personality and choices. But it is really very challenging and honorable task to be a good teacher.

I want to say a good line for teacher. Teacher is a friend, teacher as motivator and teacher as a facilitator in learning.

A good teacher is a role model!

It is not a wonder, but it is true that many children are having their role model. School time plays a great and wider role in any person’s life, and they learn a lot of there. So, it is significant to be a teacher as a role model. According to human psychology, a child is having the tendency of imitation. Have you remembered in your early school days how many teachers were your ideal person or superhero?

Few essential qualities

We elaborate on a good teacher, there are many things comes in our mind. But among of all these a few very common qualities are important to having in a teacher like-love for students, passion for teaching, friendly behavior with children, and a magnetic and pleasant personality.

Strong command on subject is also making the teacher valuable and honorable

Students always like a teacher who is having good command on his subjects. A strong and in-depth knowledge help the teacher in many ways. It is very necessary quality needed in every teacher.

Communicate with student’s language

Local language is always a powerful way of communication. A good teacher should be fluent in the local language. Every child loves and like his language, and it is helpful to understand better.

The respect of the teacher and the position of the Teacher may decide the future of a nation or a society.

Tips for teachers: Tips in Hindi.

Good thoughts on education

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Education best thoughts

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A good thought about teacher

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