Reasons of Low Attendance in Schools

Reasons of Low Attendance in Schools. Why Do Students Not Like To Go To School?

It is a burning issue of almost all government schools that the attendance of the students is very low in the school, while government is giving more and more facilities to the students and spending a huge amount on education. The more important factor is that the schools have been facing this problem for recent one or two decades. To know more, please read this article until the end.

When we try to analyze this issue, many questions come in our mind. The Rising Questions Are:

  • Is our new education policy is fail to adjust to face the new generation society? Or
  • If our government cannot administrate the education in changing environment?
  • reasons of low attendance in schools. Why students do not want to go to school? Back to the school.

    Reasons of the low attendance in the schools

    Rest, it is not our matter to analyze the drawbacks of our education system. We want to discuss the reasons that are responsible to make a low attendance in the schools. If anyone discusses on this matter he blame to the teachers, parents, or society. But there are several factors they affect the students why he does not want to go to the school. We may classify the reasons into several categories:

    Factors Affecting The Low Attendance In School

    1. Home Environment
    2. Social Environment
    3. Teacher's Punctuality
    4. Classroom Environment
    5. Teacher's Behavior
    6. Student’s Personal Problems
    7. Teacher-parents Relations
    8. Teacher-students relations
    9. Teacher’s way of teaching and Teacher’s attitude
    10. Government policies
    11. Other possible reason

    It is true that there are many reasons are responsible for low attendance in school. Can we identify the relevant reasons for our school? If yes, then we are in the way to solve the problem. What are your experiences? Please share with this blog. We will discuss on this topic later……