Teacher’s Behavior and its Effect on Classroom Teaching Learning

The teacher is a group leader in the classroom. A teacher has to deal with the groups of the different types of students. Students come from different social, economical, and family backgrounds. As a group leader, the teacher’s behavior is the most important factor for commanding and controlling. If a teacher maintains a healthy behavior, he finds its benefits too. Praise students for jobs well done, as doing so improves academic and behavioral performance, according to a recent research review and study.
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How a teacher's behaviour change the teaching process.

In the last few years, I observe and work on different concepts in the school.  Some behavioral attitudes of the students co-relate them with school discipline and school management. I got some very valuable experiences. I want to share these experiences with you. You can visit my Blog “Innovative Education” for all posts. To know more about this blog or about the author, please visit the About This Blog page.

Actually, there are numerous factors affecting classroom teaching. The Positive Attitude of Teachers plays a great role in this. Teachers’ confidence, way of dealing with the students, way of teaching, and the behavior of the teacher is the most important factor that plays an important role in a school. Good discipline is a need of a school, but this discipline should not come from pressure, if the discipline comes from the heart of the students, it will be more valuable.

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Teachers' honesty and hardworking should be appreciated and if the students understand and respect the teacher’s honesty and hardworking, it may be simple to motivate the students in the desired direction.  A teacher is a significant person for students. Students follow the teacher in various ways. So, it is very significant to be a good person along with a good teacher.

Different factors are affecting the innovative activities in a school; such as students, parents, teaching staff, school managers and so many others. Teachers must have to know how to use Smart Techniques in a School like extracurricular activities. I think the school staff is the main factor. I did some innovative research on “School innovation and the role of colleagues”.

What do you think about the effects of teachers' behavior on school and classroom teaching? When we are talking about child-friendly education, it is important to change the school environment, teacher's behavior, and attitudes. Now, it is essential to know about the facilitator roles of a teacher. In a smart learning environment, we will talk about a Teacher as a Facilitator, friend, motivator, and participant in learning.