A Talk about Teacher’s Attitudes

      In a school, there are many teachers and their attitudes are so many types. A school manager has to play the role of compare, coordinator, and moderator. A successful teacher is a good leader, and a good leader knows about different techniques of attitude making and how to use attitude and skills in the workplace. Let’s talk about the teacher’s different types of attitudes and problems raised by them, and the way of dealing with such people.

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A Teacher With Positive Attitude:

 A teacher who has a positive attitude is always an important person for school, parents, and for society. He is a person who thinks that we may do something. He knows about the power of a positive attitude. 

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The positive attitude

A positive teaching attitude is very helpful to obtain higher learning achievements. There is a close relationship between teaching attitude and learning achievements. A skilled teacher always uses some motivational techniques to create a good attitude among other teachers and students towards learning.

 A Teacher With Negative Attitude:

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Role of attitudes in teaching

Some teachers do not understand the importance of teaching attitude and the role of attitudes and beliefs in learning to teach. They do not use motivational techniques in teaching. Occasionally, we can identify them as a teacher's negative attitude. 

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       The conclusion is that the quality of a teacher depends upon his attitude, his way of thinking, and his social environment. A teacher with a positive attitude is always liked by the students, school manager, parents, and senior officers. There is a glass that is half full of water. 

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A person says that it is half empty and another person says that it is half full. Positive teachers think that something could be done, while negative teachers think that nothing could be done. Teachers with a positive attitude find out much work and purpose in a school, while teachers with negative thinking do not have anything to do in a school. A school manager or a Headmaster has to deal with different teachers. 


Attitude and skill of school manager

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A school manager has to learn how to increase attitude and skill among the staff members at his workplace. He has to know about the factors influencing attitude and the concept of behavior attitude. A manager has to learn the art of adjustment because the adjustment is the key to happiness. Develop an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving and use some psychological techniques and find out the great teaching-learning and managerial achievements.

In this article about attitudes, these are my ideas. What do you think? Please share with this blog.

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