A Success Teacher........... A Good Leader

A good teacher needs to be able to work in a constantly evolving environment and adjust their teaching methods based on the age of their students, the resources available and changing curriculum, practices and requirements. A Successful teacher should be  a good communicator and also a good listener. A success teacher is a good leader.

       When a teacher works in a school or a classroom, he have to deal a group that may be other teachers, students or a community. His work is like a leader or a manager, because he has to manage a group. A good teacher should have a sound managing or leadership qualities. While talking about leadership and management in a school or a classroom, we find that different teachers have different leadership styles and use different leadership skills. We need management training programs for teachers. It is the need of time to maintain leadership management training for teachers.   In this post we are talking about leadership management skills and leadership styles used by teachers. We may discuss this on different views:-

A Teacher is in a Classroom

A Success Teacher is A Good Leader
       When a teacher is in a class room, he has to interact to different types of students. Some teachers are very hard worker, they work a lot of but they got very few output. And some teachers are also hard worker, but they do not work so hard but the find more output then other teachers.
Why do we find this change in output?

This change is by the way of dealing and way of managing. The second type of teachers knows the skill of good managing, or we may say they are a good leader. Actually we see in real life in any organization, the manager use a different type of techniques. Hence a teacher should use different motivational techniques in his classroom, so he may save his energy.

A Teacher is as a School Manager (Head Master)

     When a teacher is as a school Head Master, his duty and responsibilities increases, because he has to manage the school and to prove himself as a good teacher also. Duties of a school Head Master, especially in a Government school are so critical if he have a quite untrained staff. Actually in this situation, teacher has to use good leadership techniques. A lot of work that may be done by other teachers should be given to other teachers. By doing this the Head Master consume his energy and may use his energy in other matters.

A good Head master

A good Head Master should be a good actor also. It is not necessary to express own real emotions to everyone. Some ideas should be keeping confidential and may be expose on proper time. Sometimes he has to use a group vision and sometimes he may move with a personnel vision. He has to develop the leadership skills himself.

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