Interactive Puzzles In Language Teaching

Interactive puzzles helpful for language teaching. Teacher's creative ideas makes learning more effective and interesting using Puzzle.

Joining the words, guessing the missing words and make the meaningful sentence are a few examples that could be use with children.

In language teaching, different interactive puzzles may be used to enhance student’s reading and learning skills. We may prepare some learning materials to card sheet and the other media and may distribute to the students and observe the learning process.

This type of activity may be used in the group teaching where each student works and enjoy the learning in a new environment of freedom. Different types of puzzles may be used in classroom teaching depending on the student's level, such as primary school or middle school students. Teachers can prepare various simple educational puzzles for their students.

We may make students free to use these materials according their interests.

Some examples of using puzzles activities:

  1. Join the letters and make the words.
  2. Join the cards and make the picture.
  3. Find the relation between words.
Interactive puzzels helpful for teachers to engaging the students.

Teachers may use different teaching games, along with teaching textbooks. Different types of teaching methodologies may be used in classrooms in language teaching to create student’s interest in learning. Teacher can make the teaching learning experience more and more interesting using different type “Teaching Methodologies.”

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