Self Learning Method

Self learning or self-directed learning is very effective. It is a great idea. We know the online classes, learning by YouTube videos and blogs. In a good deal of e-learning environment, student directly inspired by himself. Learning with self instructions is a significant character of self learning. When students motivated to this; they can learn more and more at home, even school so. Now, schools need to change to increase the opportunities for students to control their learning through experiences. Identify the learning goals is the first step to process.

Learning Innovation in School.

Learning by doing

Learning through own experiences makes learning more creative. There is a need to set the learning goals. When learning goals are set up; then it becomes easy to achieve them. A child knows many things theoretically, but when he comes in touch to the real experience, he is become able to describe the things practically. Project-based learning and online classes are also providing such useful environment for students. Online assessment, WhatsApp tests and online classes make him able to think, re-think and discover the things.

I realized that if we used the self learning methodology (learning by doing) in our school, then we got its amazing advantages. The main points are:

  • Furthermost, teachers should be interested in this type of activities.
  • Classroom environment should be suitable for this.
  • There is a need to evaluate the learning progress. It had to monitor the learning-process.
  • Game-based Motivation strategies makes learning easy and funny.
  • Self learning materials should be available.
  • Students should know about this type of activity.
  • If we do not have enough materials, don't worry, we may arrange learning materials from our environment.

Teacher and Self Learning Process


Teacher can play a creative role in student’s learning process. A teacher has an opportunity to be as a motivator. He has to motivate the students to learning by various ways. When the students learn by self learning or self-directed learning, it is one of the good examples of teacher’s motivation in classroom.

Self Learning method, and Teacher

A teacher finds different types of students, and every so often he finds quite a workload. In these situations, he has to discover the new and adoptive teaching techniques for his classroom. Self-directed learning is such type of teaching technique. Motivate the students to learn and facilitate and guide them. What do you think?

It is also a good idea for a teacher to work as a facilitator in learning. It may be possible by creating the proper learning atmosphere in the classroom.

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