Learning by toys

Educational Toys for Kids. Creative toys ideas. Kindergarten play school strategy for nursery students. 

Learning by toys: innovative learning activity for kids. There are several innovative and creative learning techniques for schools and also for homeschooling.

Learning by toys or learning with toys is a creative learning activity especially for language learning because the kids learn by toys easily. They like to play with toys. I know a Hindi background family where the family members arrange different types of innovative kid’s toys for their kid; such as animals, trains, fruits etc. and they introduced the child as their English name.

Learning with toys

The members of family used to talk in English so that the child may learn English easily. The family was situated in a rural area where all people used Hindi language in their daily routine so that family made an English environment for their kid. That family used the toys as a powerful learning material because the child was 3 years old and he had been learning the Hindi language, but the innovative family made him English language easy. 

The kid learned the different animal’s and fruit’s name in English so he was very comfortable in English than other kid. It became a powerful plus point for that child to learn a foreign language (English) easily. 

The example of that family is a good example for homeschooling, the parent’s responsibilities and the need of parent’s motivation. 

 Educational Learning Toys in Kids Education


Baby with Teddy Bear. Play Toy Teddy Bear Cute Child

     It is very interesting activity for pre primary schools and “Aanganwadi” to use kids learning toys as a main activity. Generally all schools for pre primary use learning toys. There are different educational toys for kids are available in market where anyone can purchase these children learning toys. In market there are various toddlers learning toys and fun toys for kids. It is very nice to make children engage in these learning toys.


    In a primary school where the teachers have more chances to learn child behavior, learning toys are very useful. Teachers can purchase different learning toys, fun toys and science toys for kids. A lot of educational learning toys may be used and may be prepared in the schools. It is a creative activity for teachers and students.

Would you appreciate the educational toys online? I know Mr. Pankaj who taught his child with interactive educational toys.


Cute Child Rocking Horse Child's Toy Horse Decorative

    People invest a lot of for their future but if they invest a little time for their children, it is a great investment for them. It takes a little time and attitude but it gives us a lot of advantages. To arrange learning toys is not so difficult. Family members of the society play a great role in this activity. Just arrange the different educational learning toys for children and let him free to play with them. In big cities there are many stores where we can purchase different learning toys for preschoolers.

What are your learning experiences? Please share with this blog.

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