Learning by visiting:Learning outside the Classroom

Learning By Visiting: Learning outside the Classroom

learning activities by visiting activities
Learning is a comprehensive and continuous process. A person learns lifetime. Sometimes he teaches by teachers, friends, society and sometimes he learns by other mediums. Books are a source of learning, but there should be other mediums for teaching learning also. In a school, there may be a lot of teaching learning activities should be done. It needs a strong willpower of teachers, society's positive attitude towards the school and a good harmony among the teachers and students.

We are talking about learning outside classroom. Outside the classroom, there are different learning materials for teachers. Teachers have to find learning opportunities outside the classrooms and make it easy and interesting the students learning outside classroom. 

Learning By Visiting: Learning Outside Classroom

          Visit is an innovative learning activity for schools. It is a creative activity of learning outside the classroom. Although it has a great risk but it has a greater educational importance also. Visiting and educational visits are the great sources of learning. It is just like using the resources outside the school. There are two types of "Visiting Programs": Learning outside the school and Learning inside the school, but here we are talking about "Learning outside the school". "Learning by visiting" is an outside activity or out the school learning program. What do we mean by educational visiting and visits? Visiting is an activity, where we visits anything and learn by that. In a school there is a great educational importance of educational visits. Visiting is an activity that makes learning possible outside the classroom.

Learning outside the school; An activity:

I am discussing about an educational visit done in my school. It was a day when we were celebrating "The world Hand washing Day". We have to demonstrate the importance of hand washing to the students. We had done all formalities, than we arrange a very small visit in the village. In that village there was a progressive farmer who made "Wormy Compost Plant" and "Gobar Gas (Bio Gas) Plant" in his house. 

We arrange a small visit to learn about these non traditional sources of energy and the organic manure. We went to that house and told the farmer to demonstrate the functions and importance of these things. He explained the proper mechanism of those plants and the importance also. All students learn these things with an innovative attitude. After the visiting that plants, we discussed about them in our classroom and ask the question to students. We were able to teach the students by visiting method. Now students were able to explain that things without book reading. Hence the chapter of "Bio Gas" and "The Organic Manure" was taught by visiting method.

The Different Educational Outdoor Activities for Schools

 In a school there may be different types visiting activities. teacher has to use available classroom resources and outdoor learning resources. Learning outside the school or learning outside the classroom is a well planned activity for schools. 

We may classified them in several activities. We may arrange the visit of success persons, he other school visits, local visits, local area visits, local environmental visits , field visits etc. Teachers have a greater responsibilities in these outside classroom activities. 

Teacher has to clear the objectives, importance and safety issues to the parents when he plan such outside educational activities. There are several websites for teachers providing innovative ideas for teachers and schools. We will talk later.

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