Learning By Quiz: Interesting Learning Activity

Learning By Quiz: Interesting Learning Activities For Schools.
In a classroom teaching there are so many interesting and creative activities they could be done. It is very useful to use something innovative and creative techniques in our classrooms to change the classroom routine environment to a fascinating and interactive environment. “Quiz” is such type of captivating activity which has a creative importance in classroom teaching.

There are different type quiz activities may be done in a classroom depending on the student’s academic and leaning level. “Quiz” is an activity to make the learning as a fun. If the teacher uses this activity properly, he will be able to teach the different thing easily, while these things seem boring to teach by traditional methodologies.

Quiz activities are having the great uses of different types of learning styles like auditory learning.

Interesting quiz activities in middle and primary schools

There are countless exciting topics for “Quiz activity” depending upon the need of the students and the need of learning objectives. In our textbooks there are several interesting topics such as general knowledge, word spelling, symbols of the atoms, the parts of the body etc. The quiz is also very useful in combined classroom teaching, while the teacher deals more than one class. In such situation, he can select a common topic for these classes and organize “Quiz activity”. It is an appealing learning activity and the teacher can make it more and more captivating, useful and creative.

Online learning quizzes on different educational websites


“Educational quizzes” may be of two types; traditional quizzes and online quizzes. Numerous educational websites provide different online learning quiz and online learning games. Different type's quizzes are available on internet just like “Learning ABC”, G.K. quiz and so many. A skilled “e teacher” or an expert teacher can facilitate these online learning quizzes to the students. Educational websites make it easy to make the education easy, interesting and interactive. Online Learning Quizzes and educational games are the great activity to introduce the computer added education in our classroom. By applying this activity, the students will be able to learn by Self Learning Method.

There are a lot of learning techniques for classroom teaching; traditional and internet related. It will be always appealing to apply the smart and active teaching learning methodologies in classroom.

Quiz online and offline

Quiz is a very effective, easy and fascinating technique of learning. Quiz is an activity just like a game. It is straightforward to organize quiz activity on computer via online or via offline. There are many educational websites providing online quizzes and offline quizzes.

Interesting learning quizzes

A lot of captivating learning quizzes and interactive learning puzzles are available on free. Different quizzes are available on internet for kids. It is very fascinating to play those quizzes. The new technology brings amazing tools of e-learning and online learning. 

Now it became easy to download any program and play it offline. Learning with educational quiz may be a great tool for innovative educators and e learners. Learning quizzes are a part of game-based learning. It is an opportunity for smart school smart class and e teachers to make teaching learning activity based learning.
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Interesting learning techniques for schools and teachers:

There are a lot of interesting, modern, innovative, student friendly and teacher friendly teaching learning techniques which may be used in day by day classroom teaching. Each technique requires different types of background depending upon the different factors. Anyone should apply the appropriate teaching technique. Here are the brief descriptions of some useful techniques. You may go to the specific link to know more.