Adjustment is The Key to Happiness

Adjustment is The Key to Happiness. Sometimes when a teacher goes to a new school, he finds a new and changed environment in the new school. If the atmosphere is pleasant in new school he feel better, but if he feel uneasy he compare the old school to the new one and disappointed.

If we learn the art of adjustment we can overcome the stress and able to enjoy the happy moments of life.

  I think this situations arises because the problem of adjustment.

   Each and every thing may not be same everywhere. So what should be done?

Adjustment is a vital part in finding our own peace as educators. It's also a vital part of being a 21st century learner. Actually we have to adjust so many ways in our life. If we are able to create a sound adjustment with the situations, the chances of our success are automatically increase.
Adjustment is key of happiness. Self improvement advice

Should we blame the new environment or we should adjust and enjoy the new environment?

I think that the second step is better.

We have to create our attitude to enjoy the new opportunities and a sound adjusting power.
The better way should be forget the old and enjoy the new.

Adjustment is the key to happiness.

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Adjustment is the key of happiness.