Smart Extra Co Curricular Activities for Schools

Smart Extra Co Curricular Activities for Schools

Smart Extra Co Curricular Activities for Schools  Curricular and co curricular activities have a great importance in schools. There are a lot of examples of co curricular activities. Race and games.

Curricular and co curricular activities have a great importance in schools. There are a lot of examples of co curricular activities. Why teachers should have to pay proper time for co curricular activities? Co curricular and extra co curricular activities enhance various learning goals and they are useful for personality development of the students. Some smart teachers organize various smart extra co curricular activities and get very smart outputs. 

Is cocurricular activities important

Co curricular activities are very important parts of education. Curricular and extracurricular activities provides many opportunities to learning and developing the student's personality by very smart and fascinating way.

Various sports activities, race competitions, painting competitions, quizzes etc. liked by students very much.

A lot of co curricular activities

        In a school there is a lot of co curricular activities may be done. Each co curricular activity requires different types of background depending upon the different factors. Anyone should organize the appropriate co curricular activity. There is a list of many awesome and smart co curricular activities and each activity has its unique importance.

Useful ways to teach moral values

Weekend students assembly is the best way for different co curricular activities. You can help students in learning previous moral values using auditory learning techniques. Telling stories, singing songs and quizes are very exciting ways to teach students many things that we can not teach them by traditional classroom curriculum practices.

        Many teachers find several benefits of co curricular activities so they organize different types of extra co curricular activities for students. Here is a list of some co curricular activities which may be organize in any school and they are capable to gain various positive results. Let’s discuss about some curricular and co curricular activities and the benefits of co curricular activities. 



Visiting is the very attractive activities for students. There are two types of visiting activities for schools; visiting inside the school and visiting outside the school. Visiting is a very interesting curricular and co curricular activity for schools and colleges.
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Games are the most attractive activities for the students. Choose different types games for learning purpose. Learning games may be of many types; indoor games, outdoor games, multimedia games (For smart classes) etc. In a smart class of smart school there are various awesome learning games available for students. Those learning games are very useful and interesting.
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Co curriculum activities

Quizzes are a quietly different activity but if this activity is done by a proper way, it has several advantages. Teachers can use this activity as both type curricular activity and co curricular activity. It is also a great learning activity for general knowledge.


CHILDREN FAIR  BAL MELA  Co curricular activities for students

How to make school an interesting place for the students? Children fair is a very interesting co curricular activity very useful for making the students smart and active. Do this activity for student's creativity and fun.
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Picnic tour and educational excursions are the great source of learning by visiting. Educational excursions provide many advantages. Educational excursion is one of the most interesting co curricular activity for the schools.
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Hiking, Trail, Mountain Walk, Group Backpack, excursion co-curricular school activities

Science Fair

Students inspired by various purposefully activities like Science Project and Science Fair activities. Science Fair is a widely accepted and we'll known extra curricular activity. There are various awesome science fair projects ideas useful for learning.

There are many easy and cheaper Life Science Projects helpful to motivate the students towards the learning science.

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