A new concept to make our school happy and pleasantest

In several schools many teachers feel unhappy to go to school. It is a problem to them that how to pass their time there.

happy to school, back to school, #happytoschool, happytoschool,If the students say this, we may try to find out the reasons but if teachers say this, we have to think on the problem…!

Tips for Happy Schools

How to make a school "Happy School"?

    Happiness is one of the most attractive plus point for schools. The creation of a positive loving atmosphere in a school is very helpful to gain the desired objectives happily. A happy environment is always attracts the students and teachers both. Schools should be a pleasantest place. So it is important to maintain some essential thing that makes a happy and good environment in schools.

Greet the students with a happy smile. A little smile lasts a powerful positive impression.

Concept of happy school

        Make a happy environment in schools. Teacher’s happiness brings happy environment in school.

Organize different function and involve the students. Student’s participation brings a great confidence among the students.

Do something new occasionally. It may bring an attraction in students towards the students.

Use different types more interesting teaching technique in classroom teaching..

Happy to schoolTry to organize some picnic tours in the session. It brings freshness in the students.

Be positive always. If teacher is in confidence, it will be good for the school.

Happy schoolingGardening is the best activity which may engage the students in free time.

      A positive attitude and positive thinking of teacher always makes a teacher a success teacher, so be a teacher with good attitude. It will make your school positive.

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