Nice Thoughts: An Innovative Idea

Nice thought innovative ideas

         Nice Thoughts: Innovative Ideas for Schools

It is a good idea to begin a new day. Nice Thoughts are very useful in our life, when all things become dark in life, a treasure of nice thoughts lights us. The right time should be after “Daily Pray”. When we
finish National Anthem, National Song after that any student may say today’s Nice Thought. It will be very effective and educative if the teacher or the student explain it in own words.
A good teacher constantly try to use innovative education techniques in his school. There are a lot of innovative, good and attractive educational activities for any school. It is the duty of the teacher to adopt the most suitable activity in his school.

Nice and Inspirational Thoughts for Schools

Inspirational nice thoughts play a great role in motivating the students. It is a smart idea to make the nice inspirational thoughts easy remembering and used in daily routine. Daily prayer, “Bal Sabha” and other activities are the great sources for manipulating these ideas in a school. A teacher can motivate the students to draw nice, inspirational and motivating thoughts on a card sheets and placed them on the walls of classrooms.

Actually, the education is not only teaching, reading, or learning. Education is a wide process to develop the student's personality in various fields. Moral education is also an important aspect of our education. It may be given by books, activities and the another ways.
Our education process may be more activity based and practical.

वास्तव में स्कूल में एक ऐसा वातावरण होना चाहिए जो बच्चों के शारीरिक, बौद्धिक और आध्यात्मिक विकास के अनुकूल हो. स्कूलों में ऐसी पाठ्य सहगामी गतिविधियाँ होती रहनी चाहिए जिससे बच्चों के व्यक्तित्व का बहुमुखी विकास हो.

A teacher is capable to develop student’s personality by various ways.

This year I started it in my school GNMS GHANA TUNDA and getting very positive results in school as well as student’s activity. I used inspirational thoughts given at the end of “Hindi” textbook of all classes, so it became an educational activity as well for the students. There are numerous inspirational thoughts in our textbooks, and teachers may build a nice collection of these quotes. I am delighted about this innovative education activity.

In this article, these are my ideas. What are your experiences? Please share with this blog. If you want to get my links, please like my Google plus page “Innovative education”.

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