Innovative People and Traditional Society

Innovative people and traditional society, innovative education in traditional society
Innovative people and Traditional Society

Innovations are not made easily; they are a result of a lot of efforts.Innovations passes through a process of try and err also.

    Innovative people face a lot of difficulties, disputes, and a lot of troubles. Our history is full of such examples. Traditional society does not accept innovative ideas simply, so innovative people have to face the people with traditional thinking.

So anyone who want to do some innovation; he has to be prepare a lot of challenges. He has to set his mind to face these obstacles.

Remember that great things do the great people, and great things not be done easily. Only a few People called innovative because they did something new and innovative.

Innovative Education in Traditional Society

    Level of education in any locality is depends on that society, village or a community. Society plays a vital and powerful role in education.

In a healthy society, the level and quality of education will be so healthy. And if the society is quite inactive about the importance of education, the quality of education may be quite different. Traditional society is not so kind to innovative education somewhere, so obstacles becomes bigger to innovative teachers.

   What is your innovative ideas on this post "Innovative People and Traditional Society"?

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