Some ideas about T.L.M. making

Innovative ideas about how to make T.L.M.

TLM (Teaching Learning Materials) are an essential tools for teachers. Teachers those work in a primary, middle school or High School classes need some useful teaching learning materials for classroom teaching. Actually T.L.Ms. are a very important component of teaching process. In many government and primary schools there are a well planned strategy used by teachers and school management. It is true that in many schools teachers do not consider its importance and they do not prepare TLM. They buy ready-made TLM from market and put in the school while others think that what the importance of TLM is. Here we are talking about some innovative ideas about TLM (Teaching Learning Material) making. Lets discuss more......

Easy TLM Can Be Prepared by Teachers 

It is good to make a list of essential TLM for any class according to subjects. Now classify them according their preparation. You will find that different types of TLMs such as TLM can be prepared by teachers, TLM can be prepared by students, TLM can be prepared by any specialist etc. When you classify TLM your further work becomes easy. The TLM those can be prepared by you, prepare them and the other TLM for student's activity. In different subjects like mathematics, science, social sciences and languages there are special types teaching learning materials required. 

TLM Can be Prepared by Students 

Let's talk a small story of a school.One day a teacher discussed in his classroom that the available green board dusters are not suitable for these wall boards. They do not give a long service. What the innovative idea to solve the problem is? Teacher prompted the students to prepare some cloth dusters. Cloth duster was very suitable for those green boards. He gave the idea how to prepare the smart and innovative cloth dusters and motivate the students to prepare the cloth dusters. He arranged the raw materials for those dusters. How nice, the next day students prepared very nice cloth dusters and brought them in school. It is an example that how can a teacher use student's creativity and how can a teacher motivate the students to do something good and innovative. Similarly as this story teachers are able to prepare the TLM by the help of students. Make a list of teaching learning materials can be prepared by students. Guide the students how to prepare a TLM and monitor the students. By using this technique teacher can prepare a lot of useful TLM by using student's collaboration techniques. Making TLM will be a very interesting activity for students. 

The Different Type T.L.M. for Schools 

In a school there are different types of subjects available. It is very important to classify T.L.M. In mathematics there are many types math T.L.M. can be prepared and used by teachers. Teachers can use different type ready-made T.L.M. too. He can use several teaching learning materials easily available in school environment. In language teaching card sheets, story books, rhymes and cultural activities are very useful for teaching purposes. make a list of such type of activities and teaching learning materials and then make a planning about T.L.M. Social Science is a wider subject containing History, Geography and Political Science. There are many innovative ideas for making T.L.M. in this subject. Geography can be taught by an interesting way using globes, atlas, photo gallery and by several multimedia tools. There are many innovative ideas to make teaching Geography innovative and interesting by using T.L.M.
In this article these are my own ideas. What do you think?
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It’s a very informative ..

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Plz Sir help me in TLM of Hindi &English subjectfor primary level.


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