Good Teaching Attitude Stories About Good Teachers

Good Teaching Attitude Stories About Good Teachers. Every teacher wants to be praised by others but only few teachers praised by others. Why….?  What is the reason? Every teacher wants to get a label of a good teacher and no one wants to be called that he is not a good teacher. What the reasons behind a good teacher and an average teacher are?

Why many teachers remain unnoticeable and others are appreciable? Let’s read few stories of good teachers, teachers with good teaching attitudes and the teachers who are praised by others. These stories are only stories and they are not criticizing anyone nor saying about anyone.

Stories about Teachers having good teaching attitude and skills

Story one: A teacher cum trainee

In a Middle school (Up to 1st to 8th standards an under graduate girl student came to complete her project related to “Hindi Teaching in Middle School Classes”. She was a trainee and she also worked as a teacher for about 3 months. During this period she performs her best in teaching, school discipline, school activities and school development.

Her teaching and learning attitude was excellent and she was a good teacher in that school because she learns the student’s behavior, student’s problems, student’s weak and strong sides in learning and other attitudes in learning.

She was not an experienced and trained teacher but her appetite for learning the teaching skills was great and appreciable. She facilitated the students in learning. School administration found that she was a good and helping teacher because she helped so many for school, student’s learning, student’s creativity and student’s co-operative attitude.

She left an example of good adjustment in school and school staff. Her teaching work was nice and her cooperative attitude was very nice. She was praised by school administration. She never told school administration to praise her.  She was a good teacher.

Story two: A guest teacher with no previous teaching experience

The second story was about a guest teacher who did not having previous teaching experience. She was a fresh graduate lady and having good teaching attitude. She was not having teaching experience in any school but she was having a good teaching attitude.

She wants to learn the teaching and learning skills. She had good qualities of students discipline and she knows how to engage the students. She maintained a good classroom discipline in school. She did not have teaching experience but she wanted to get teaching and administrative experience and this was a plus point for her teaching-learning attitude. She was praised for her qualities.

Story three: A guest teacher with teaching experience

The third story is about a graduate and experienced guest teacher. His salary was little but he never minded about the salary. That guest teacher was having good teaching attitude, good discipline abilities and he was a helping teacher for the school. Although that teacher had good teaching experience but he was eager to know the new things and learning new experiences in new school. His previous experience was not an obstacle to learn the new things and adjusting in new environment

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April 25, 2014 at 4:36 PM ×

such a nice article, as per my experience a teacher is like a tree full with fruits,but a good teacher is that tree which bend with his good attitude and wants to share his knowledge with every one.
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Anil Sahu
April 27, 2014 at 2:01 PM ×

Thanks all of you taking interest in this blog.
I would like your more descriptive comments. Thanks.

Anil Sahu
April 27, 2014 at 11:44 PM ×

We welcome constructive comments. We like the comments providing helpful information that contributes to a story or discussion.

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All bogs are wonderful and i have used some of them.
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