Within last few years we have been seeing a lot of innovations and experiments in school education. Many educators have been doing a lot of researches in education and we can see the impact of their innovations. It is a great topic for all researches that how to make school student friendly and how to make learning a fun. "BALA" is a such activity or a concept that has a great importance for schools. BALA is a short form of 'Building As Learning Aid" where we use building for different learning purposes.

BALA  Building As Aid- A navachar. It is using school environment through developing child-friendly learning and fun based physically school infrastructure.

Building as learning aid- Middle school activities.

BALA  Building As Aid

BALA uses different interventions like develop the spaces to create varied teaching learning situations and develop the built elements in these spaces as teaching learning aids.

It is quite interesting and useful to use building as learning aid because there is a large scope for it. Once I visited Mr. Rashid's school where he did a lot of work on the walls of the school like painting, decoration and so many. There was a really interesting environment where students feel really very excited to learn. He is an innovative teacher and he did a lot of work in his school and he is an example for other teachers. I observed various remarkable things there.
BALA  Building As Aid

BALA is an innovative concept where we can use building' element in a different ways. Different building elements like floor, walls, gallery, corridor and green boards/white boards can be used as different learning aid. Generally we see different types of uses of walls for painting, writing the quotes, drawing the maps etc. 

There may be a lot of good examples of using building as learning aid where many teachers use building's elements for teaching learning materials.

There is always a space for innovation in education. School's physical infrastructure can be used for different learning activities and many teachers do it very nicely.

It is really worthy idea to use building as learning aid and make building more and more useful for learning activities. What would you like to say on this?

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