Aging Parents & Green Card: Dos and Don'ts

Aging Parents and Green Card: Dos and Don'ts. A valuable issue to read and understand.

aging parents and green card

Aging parents and our responsibilities towards them

Since we do not have a proper social security system in place as yet, most old parents must fend for themselves when they are old. Hence, parents must think and plan their future independently seriously, when they are in a position to do so, instead of simply hoping for the best. The worst out-shoot of present day materialistic unprincipled culture is that old parents are left to fend for themselves in old age. Those who are suffering now, are also to be blamed for their pitiable state. Difficult as it is to consider, they may one day need our help just as we once needed theirs. We should always be responsible for our aging parents.

Aging parents and green card

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We must inculcate a sense of responsibility among our youngsters who have studied here, passed out from the elite institutions, mostly government-funded, but when time to pay-back comes, they run off to greener pastures in foreign lands, lure of‘green card’ too tempting to resist, without any remorse. Worst is that these NRIs, when they visit this country, criticize and belittle the system which has made them what they are, Thanklessness and Ingratitude personified.

Issues of elder parents

Isolation, loneliness, and boredom are the most common issues for elders. You should give them care and affection.

Why Be GENEROUS, The World is Mine – A Poem by an Unknown poet

Parents want a lucrative job for their child in foreign

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Cream of our youngsters, are going away without remorse because of lack of guidance and defective parenting, when a child sees so much value and importance being given to materialistic ways and culture. Seeing the parents working day and night for something called money and ‘status’ in society, the child becomes insensitive to others’ feelings, including his parents’. Most parents are initially euphoric and excited about their wards getting a lucrative job in foreign lands.

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Imagine how much those countries have benefitted from the talent and brilliance of our children, without having to spend a penny on their education. Normally, you reap what you sow. But, in case of our children going to greener foreign lands, it’s ‘we sow, but they reap’. Imagine the colossal amounts spent by our government and society on their education, bringing-up, and well-being without any significant returns. Please read the following story if you have time.

Excerpts From our Book, 'What They Don't Teach in Educational Institutions'. We are grateful to Captain Ravi Mahajan (Retd.) for this article.

Captain Ravi Mahajan (Retd.)