What India has done To Fight COVID-19

What India has done to fight Covid-19? Efforts of India. Corona virus pendamic.

With far greater Tenacity and Firmness than MOST Countries: Long List But MAKE YOU PROUD OF YOUR COUNTRY.

India's special efforts in Covid pendamic

  1. Despite sharing a border of 3,488 kilo metres with China, India has only reported 114 cases and 1 death as of date - compare that with 596 cases and 8 deaths in the UK. (As the specific dates)
  2. India is the only country in the world to have evacuated its citizens 6 times (and counting) and evacuated the most number of foreign nationals too. The Indian Air Force evacuated a total of 723 Indians, 37 foreign nationals from Wuhan 119 Indians and 5 foreign nationals from Japan. IAF also evacuated 58 Indian pilgrims from Iran on the 10th of March. Total: 900 Indians and 48 foreign nationals.
  3. India is leading the fight against COVID-19 in the South Asian Region, offering diplomatic, humanitarian and medical assistance to its neighbours.

Virus Research Diagnostic Laboratories (VRDLs)

A total of 56 Virus Research Diagnostic Laboratories (VRDLs) have been set up in India to test its citizens as well as foreign citizens in a record time, with a plan to build 56 more VRDLs in the next month. As usual, this splendid level of efficiency hasn't caught the eye of the media.

India's most efficient and reliable testing systems

India currently has one of the world’s most efficient and reliable testing systems, reducing the time taken to get test results from 12-14 hours to mere FOUR HOURS. US health officials have admitted that their system is failing and testing has been very sluggish.

As a result, from Iran, Afghanistan and many countries in Asia have been requesting India to help set up testing facilities in their countries. India has sent 6 top scientists to set up a make-shift lab and testing facility in Iran to test 6000 of its citizens because Iranian officials refused to test Indians due to their high load. India plans to send 3 more airplanes to Iran in the next week to airlift its citizens.

India has provided 15 tonnes of MEDICAL ASSISTANCE comprising masks, gloves and other emergency medical equipment to China. India has sent Maldives a 14 member medical team comprising of pulmonologists, anesthetists, physicians, and lab technicians and also a large composite of COVID-19 medical relief to assist Maldives health authorities.

Proudly, India has screened 1,057,506 people from 30 airports and 77 seaports.


Dangerous virus corona

We must know, that India has suspended all visas to India as well as visa-free travel facility. It has closed its border with Myanmar. The Indian nationals coming from COVID-19 hit nations after 15 February are being quarantined for 14 days. This in contrast with the UK with far more cases but no matching quick action.

World’s biggest State-sponsored health assurance scheme

India has the world’s biggest State-sponsored health assurance scheme, covering over 500 million beneficiaries (approximately 8 times the size of the UK). Indian drug prices are among the lowest in the world. Medbelle ranks India as one of the five countries with the lowest median prices for drugs around the world due to an elaborate price control mechanism for drugs and the Government’s 'Jan Aushadi' project to provide affordably priced medicines to the poor.

China gagged the doctor who identified COVID-19 and he died 6 weeks later. China let this virus affliction blow. On the other hand, when Nipah virus was found in India in 2018, 3 doctors identified it and authorities immediately reported it to WHO. 2000 were quarantined and 17 died in total.

India did not allow it to become a pandemic

The Indian civilization, being one of the most ancient and wise in the world, has been way ahead of its time gifting the world the NAMASTE- which is now propagated by every world leader. Ancient India idealised VEGETARIANISM and founded Ayurveda, and as a result survived and thrived for millenniums of existence. Jai Bharat. Jai Hind. Jai Kisan. Jai Jawan.

Capt. Ravi Mahajan (Retd.) We are thankful tp Capt. Ravi Mahajan sir for this post.