New experience of learning with IGNOU

Are you in a full-time job? Want to study more? But do not have time? No problem, IGNOU is the best solution for you. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is the best solution for your desire. IGNOU is the one in the best distance learning university. You find here the new learning experience. A lot of distance learning programs are available here.

Now you may study at your home. IGNOU is running a lot of traditional and professional programs for the learners at distance learning mode. The best thing is all programs are recognized by the U.G.C. and the government. IGNOU has very flexible and effective learning mode.

IGNOU Indira Gandhi National Open University is the best solution for distance learners. The learning point for various useful courses in India and abroad.

Programs are available in IGNOU

A variety of programs is available in IGNOU such as teacher training program (B. Ed. and D. Ed.), Engineering programs, B.A., B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc., B.C.A. M.C.A., etc. Many diploma programs are conducted by IGNOU. Now is conducting his programs out of India through different learning centers. “Certificate in Guidance” (C.I.G.) program is available in IGNOU, the famous distance learning university of the world.

Distance learning program by IGNOU

IGNOU distance learning program is very effective and useful. IGNOU is one of the most popular distance learning universities in the world. IGNOU’s distance learning degrees and distance learning programs are very useful. IGNOU provides several distance learning courses. IGNOU MBA courses are very popular in management students.

Master of Education (M. Ed.) at IGNOU Master of education (M. Ed.) is a post graduate program in education, especially for teachers. It is a highly professional course which may be completed two years after doing bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) degree. In India, there are many government and private colleges and universities provide this course. In India, there are two popular ways for doing M. Ed.; regular and distance mode.

Let’s discuss this program. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) launched Master of Education (M. Ed.) program for in service teachers with global standards. M. Ed. from IGNOU is available by distance mode. Students can study at their home. At present, the medium of instruction is only English. IGNOU runs another program in education named Master of Art (M.A.) in education.

Education Programs at IGNOU

IGNOU is the best university for Education degrees, education programs, education training, elementary education and early child education certificate program. IGNOU runs different diploma and certificate course for primary education. The courses are in distance education mode.

You don’t need to attend regular classes. IGNOU launches its Television and radio channel as well. Programs are available in Hindi, English and several regional languages in India and abroad.

Special programs for teachers

Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India runs a unique program for teachers, parents, and individual who is interested in learning child behavior and child development. Certificate in guidance is a straightforward and useful program, very useful for teachers, may be done by distance learning mode in India and abroad. There are numerous programs for teachers to develop skills in primary education and higher education. For complete information, it is very useful to visit IGNOU's website.

Need Based Programs.

IGNOU runs various need-based short-term courses. Now IGNOU launches many certificate programs in many regional languages. Anyone who wants to learn with IGNOU may find a program of his interest.

Professional Programs

IGNOU runs many professional degrees, diploma, and certificate programs. All courses are recognized.

Education online and Multimedia

Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, has rich online and multimedia support. Gyan Darshan is the most popular television channel where you may learn more through multimedia. University runs his Radio channel “GYAN WANI” in many cities. “GYAN WANI” is totally education-based Radio Station. A variety of educational programs are broadcasting by “GYAN WANI”.

IGNOU: Student Friendly University

The most memorable thing is that IGNOU has very flexible learning and evaluation system. You may visit the university’s website for more information about the university and its courses, fees structure and duration of the courses.

Worldwide Approach

IGNOU is very famous Open University of India, and it is very famous worldwide because it has several study centers across the country. IGNOU runs various education programs in many countries. It has a strong network worldwide. IGNOU’s education programs are very effective and useful and are designed for different type of learners. Learners may find different information about the university on the University’s website. So choose IGNOU and enjoy a new way of learning.

Education is a continuous process. It does not stop after getting the job.

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