Is internet changing our Education System?

Is the internet changing our Education System? Since last few years, we have been watching many changes in education and educational management system. We see that computer technology as well as internet revolution increased the speed of data and information rapidly. It became by the help of internet, online education management system and by e-revolution. Hence, we are discussing internet education, education, and internet and use of computers in education.

The impact of internet on education

Is internet changing our education system? Internet and our education system, internet in education

We have been realizing that internet is a very effective tool in education. Now there are various e-learning software and online training software are available easily on the internet. Internet brings a technological innovation in education. It makes possible to use the latest technology in education. Internet makes a digital revolution in educational technology. Now, several educational institutions have to develop the computer and internet-based learning management systems. Internet brings new aspects in education.

Technology is changing the entire scenario

Now education through internet is not only a dream, but it is the more common and more relevant. We can say that the Technology changed the education. Now different schools and universities are using the latest technology for education. It is the great scenario of the “Education of the 21st century”. There is a lot of importance of the use of internet in education today. Now android and tablets are in the market. They have a lot of online e-learning opportunities so.

Now some information sends by e-mail, online feeding or by another electronic medium. So, transfer of data became easy, quicker and sometimes cheaper.

Changing the Education System

When we see such type changes in educational management system and find that it will be so usual, we have to think the another coming modifications in our education Because technology changes several habits, trends and working system. In our society, use of internet is becoming very common by the mobile revolution. Now everyone puts internet in his pocket as a mobile phone. Internet is being more popular in villages also.

Mobile and androids brings a great innovation in internet revolution

Mobile companies are providing high-speed internet services, so it became easier to be online. There are a lot of fully multimedia mobiles available in market at a very low prices. Android and tablets are now easy to afford. These new generation devices have a wonderful e-learning and online learning opportunities as well. The next generation “digiclass” “DigiLep” and “digischool” is not so far away. Many universities made their management system innovative thanks to internet. Now it is possible to study online or to attend a lecture of a reputed university at the home by the help of internet. Our schools are also being innovative.

Multimedia in school

In various innovative schools; teachers have been using multimedia supported teaching learning system for many years. Now they may be able to arrange online classes. Imagine if in a school of a distant and rural village, how incredible it will be to take part an online two-way class attends by the student. It will be more exciting if those students see tow way online video chatting first time in their life.

Innovative teaching learning system

If online two-way classroom teaching learning system is success; then there may be start another discuss this way of teaching learning system. The discussion may be classified into two categories: first online teaching learning system in a classroom and second the online teaching learning system out of the school. It will decide the direction of internet based online education and internet-based teaching system. However, we have to search the positive, teacher friendly, student friendly and society friendly teaching learning systems, and we have to modify our education as the changing time.

In this article about “Internet and our education system”, the ideas expressed are my own. I would like to know your opinions on this topic. Thanks.

Anil Sahu,, Education Today

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