Society and Education

Education is the most important matter to all governments in these days. In different countries, different laws and rules are for education. Each country wants to develop his country through the education. But remarkable thing is that the country has the different background, so the same laws and rules may not be suitable for all. In this article we will talk about society and education, the role of society in education, social parameters in education. It is essential to mind social background of any state or country while making any policy. Education policies should be useful to the community.

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Uniform Education System

To adopt any education policy or any education act we should examine it with local situation, background, and needs of the nation or society. In India, we find different types of social backgrounds. Many children engaged in many household works. It is very difficult for them to attend school daily.

I think that the uniform education policy for the whole country is a tuff matter. We do not find same social background. How can we expect the success of the uniform education policy?

Education Today. Social issues related to education.

One thing should be focused that each state should have an authority to follow suitable educational parameters and standards according to his needs and the situations, while some major things may be same according to national integration and nation’s need.

What is your opinion on this topic? I would like to your valuable ideas.

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