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E learning classes: Learn anytime, anywhere:
http://www.edutoday.in/2013/06/learning-by-e-learningmodern-way-of.html     Now these days there are many learning techniques are available for teachers and student like e learning and online education, smart learning and internet based learning. In the age of information technology there are several learning models are available for learners. 

Smart school smart class and e learning and online education are more fascinating, attractive and effective models for students, teachers and for individual learners.

      E learning classes are different than traditional classes. In traditional classes where students are directly connected with teacher while in e learning students and “teachers” are not connected   directly but both are engaging in teaching learning process by different mediums. Technology made it possible. 

Different way of Learning E learning classes

Now there are several interfaces for expressing and receiving ideas without face to face contact like mobile, internet, tablets etc. These new generation tools made e learning possible. In an e learning class teacher uses different media like e mail, blogs, social networking sites, chatting etc. Internet revolution made it more and more comfortable and easier. Now learners may choose more than one learning platforms on so many networking sites to follow the teachers and classmates. E learning made learning easy and flexible. Now learners have freedom to learn anytime and anywhere.

E learning for registered students and non registered students
                 There may be arising some questions in your mind. How to learn by e learning? What are e learning classes? What is virtual education or online education? What are the advantages of e learning classes? The answers are very simple to those who are regular users of internet. But anyone who is not familiar with internet and social networking sites may be confused a little.

Many websites provide online learning tutorials and learning CDs on many subjects. Some websites charge for it. These learning materials include lesson plans, work book, learning practices and projects. These websites provide online and offline learning support also. To purchase these multimedia learning materials or to be register on these websites and paying a few charges is a type of “registered e learning”. 

blogs provide free e learning facilities

Many websites and blogs provide free e learning facilities for students or individual learners. The more advantages of these websites are that they provide online learning support and a discussing platform like social networking websites where learners may interact with the faculty experts and other students. To join a reputed website is always an idea of wisdom.

online support for students

         Many universities are providing online support for their students. There is various online education programs designed for different learners. They are also developing suitable environment for e learning and e teaching classes to compete the global opportunities. It is really amazing to learn online by e classes.

What do you think about e-class

         These are my own ideas. What do you think about “e class” and “e learning”?  Are you a student, a teacher or a web developer? Please comment on my blog’s comment section. You are also invited to share your learning experiences and innovations. Keep visiting this blog. To know about this blog, click here.

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