The Teacher is a Human

Dear readers, this post is dedicated to my online friend from New York (U.S.A.).

A good teacher is like a candle, it burns itself to light the way of others. But what the parents and society do with the teacher? If a teacher do everything right, all are pleased, but unfortunately if he makes any mistake what the response the society is? What are the answers.........?

The teacher is a human

Society judges not only teacher but all people, relatives, and close people in particular. If everything is alright—everyone is happy. 

As soon as someone makes a minor mistake—he becomes an enemy. And no one even wants to understand the reason. And teachers suffer the most, maybe because people expect them to be ideal, proper, and almighty. And they are very disappointed when their extremely high expectations differ from reality… So, I think that our task as teachers is to accept people the way they are and not to worry a bit about their judgments. Just to love our job and do it the best way. :)

What do you think? Please write.

शिक्षक भी एक इंसान है. क्या हम शिक्षक को इंसान के रूप में नहीं देख सकते. शिक्षक को भी भूख, प्यास लगती है. Shikshak bhi dusre insane ki tarah ek insane he. 

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