Smart Lesson Plan for Smart Class

The Smart Lesson Plan

Lesson plan is the main task for the educators. It is a pre prepared plan for any presentation to be delivered in the classroom. Generally the teachers prepared the lesson plan on a notebook in a traditional school. But when we are teaching in a smartschool’s smart class, many things may be changed because teachers are going to teach with a different environment. Let’s discuss about the different aspects of smart lesson plan and about the preparation of the smart lesson plan.

What is the importance of lesson plan?

Lesson plan is an important work for teachers. Actually a teacher should be prepared in the particular topic before he entered the classroom providing any lesson. Lesson plan is a pre planning of any lesson. It contains the introduction, explanation, teaching learning material’s planning, probably asking questions, summery etc. Lesson plan prepared the teacher to perform well in the classroom. We can say the lesson plan is a home work for teacher. If a teacher prepare a well lesson plan, he is able to acquire the desired goals.

Lesson plan for smart class

Smart class is a modern an innovative class use the modern learning devices like computers, projectors etc. In a Smart Class  whiteboard is used as teaching tools. It is important for teachers to be trained for smart classes. In simple words we can say “smart lesson plan” is the lesson plan for smart classes.  In India power point is the well known tools for presentation. Power point provides very powerful help for showing the slides. Teachers can use power point for their presentation in the classroom. Power point gives many tools for teachers. Teachers can prepare an outline for their presentation. Now a day’s many software are available on internet to make teaching easy and effective.

Online lessons

Smart class provides an excellent opportunity for online lesson. Try to use these fascinating modes of learning.

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