How can teachers use technology for their professional development?

How can teachers use technology for their professional development? At this time, Internet and Internet is everywhere. In the 21st century, many teachers are using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and so many sites for communication. In every field of life, Internet and modern technology are helping mankind. 

Technology is changing many trends in our lifestyle. Education and education systems are also being modified with technology. When we elaborate on its educational perspective, few questions are relevant. What is the role of education technology for teachers? 

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How can teachers use technology for their professional development? How can technology solve the teacher’s problems? How do our systems use technology for teachers’ welfare? Let’s try to discuss this topic? Let’s see what the views of technology experts on this topic are. 

How teachers can use technology for their professional development. How do the teachers feel about technology integration in education? 

Teachers and Social Networking Websites 

Technology and teachers
These days, many teachers are using social networking sites for their personal communication. Social networking sites are the modern source of sharing ideas with each other. Teachers are finding it is very helpful to be connected with people.

Social networking sites provide a great and amazing platform for communication. Many teachers are using these sites as a source of information too. It is also very helpful for sharing ideas and problems. It is an example of the relationship between technology and education.


Email is a great source for communicating the people. In modern days, e-mail gives us a great opportunity for communicating in an easy and cheaper way. It is being used for sending resumes and portfolios anywhere within seconds. 

Websites and Blogs

Websites are the source of the latest information on any subject. There are several websites on many topics. Teachers can use them to find any information on any particular topic. Blogs are like a website. Many teachers are publishing their blogs to share their ideas across the world. 

The Internet provides an outstanding opportunity for teachers to share their ideas all over the world within a few seconds. Many teachers collect useful information and tips on education through blogs. Now, teachers can make their presentations more effective using innovative websites. Internet and online education provide a wonderful opportunity for teachers to explore themselves. 

Educational Technology as a Great Tool in Teaching 

Modern education technology (Ed Tech) provides many innovative tools for teachers. Information and communication technologies have a great scope to educate the people. ICT has a great potential to educate a large population with great impact. ICT provides a remarkable opportunity for 21st-century teachers. 

By using these tools, they can find many innovative teaching ideas. In many schools and colleges, they are using these tools in teaching. Now, teachers can share any methods of teaching around the world on the Internet. Online chatting and online video conferencing are the great advantages of modern technology. Now, 21st-century teachers can attend any online speech of experts on the Internet.
Mobile Apps- a great tool for teachers
Androids bring changes to teachers life's daily routine. Many mobile apps help the teacher.
mShikshamitra School Wise Attendance App
Advantages of m-Shiksha Mitra App

How Can a Teacher Use Educational Blogs and Websites to Strengthen His Skills?

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Education technology is a great helping factor for modern teachers in innovative education. Now, modern teachers can use different smart teaching techniques in their day-by-day teaching. Several educational blogs and educational websites provide several innovative ideas for teachers, new techniques in teaching, and many smart and innovative ideas for teaching and learning, online education, and educational technology (EdTech). 

Technology opens the new doors

The use of education technology opens new doors to innovative learning. There are many professional bloggers and educational technology experts who write many blogs for teachers, and they provide various tips about the use of technology in education. Now, modern teachers have a lot of guidance for their professional development. Teachers of the 21st century can use educational blogs and websites to strengthen their skills. 

 In this article, these are my ideas. What do you think about this? How can a teacher use technology for his professional development? Please share your valuable ideas on this topic.