Student Portfolio and Student's Creativity

Student Portfolio and Student's Creativity

Student Portfolio and Student's Creativity. Student portfolio is a very nice concept for schools for using, maintaining and developing student's creativity by various ways. Student portfolio file is an important document which maintains student's progress in academic and the other fields such as art, Science, Social activities and much more. 

It is a good opportunities for teachers and it is also capable to discover the something new. Every student has many qualities in several fields and he needs an opportunity to show his qualities. A school can help the students to use their talent in different fields. Let's discuss how student portfolio can be used in classroom and how it can be useful for overall development of a child.

What is Student Portfolio File?

      "Student Portfolio File" means a file which is used to keep student's different information as student's photo, his written work, project work, mind maps, paintings, different activities and their written records and also student's evaluation records. 

It may be a simple file contains with many pages, photos and the other paper like materials. "Student portfolio file" can be prepared under teacher's guidance where teacher is as a facilitator and he/she guides the student how to make the portfolio and how to maintain it.

     Generally many schools maintain paper based student portfolio as a file but there are many digital tools available to keep the student's portfolio online on a website or even on a blog. It is a smart idea for innovative schools to use blogs for keeping online achievement of their school.

 Why Schools Need Student Portfolio File?

Student Portfolio    In any school there are many students enrolled every year. Generally schools keep their records as data but there is a need to keep a comprehensive record which can tell us more comprehensive information about the students. When teachers have more comprehensive knowledge about students they can help the students better. 

It is an important source of information for teachers for student's writing work, drawing skills, creativity and also creative ideas of the students. Student portfolio file be helpful to find out student's problems. It can be used for student's development and inspiration for others. What do you think?

Student Portfolio File for Student's Creativity

      Generally every person like his work be praised by others. When teachers use such type techniques they find the better ideas and experiences. Every student wants to make his portfolio nice and smart. 

Teachers can inspire the students to do good work and keep its record in portfolio file. It is a good idea to use student's creativity in self motivated way. A good portfolio file may be consisting of different activities and different written/published work. A portfolio file can be a place to keep all the record of a student in written form.

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