Help the Students: Is Someone Needs Help?

Help the students; Is someone needs help? How to understand the need of students for teaching?

To help, helping, and helping someone are very nice words that are quite sweet. These words give the common ideas and the objectives for teachers to teach and also to perform their duty. Actually, man is a social animal, and when teachers teach the different subjects like Social Sciences, Literature, and Moral Science they teach different lessons that teach such human relations and our moral duties. It is important to focus on the needs of students for teaching. So, when we talk about such topics, we have to realize that true education also teaches such human behavior and attitudes.

Help the students

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Why do we talk about “Help the students”? Who is needed to help and why? What are we requiring students for teaching most? Let's discuss a different type of student who requires a teacher's help. Human relations and Humanity are the topics that are not highlighted often, but they are included in the whole process of education.

The needs of different typs of students

We have to learn the needs of each typs of the students so, we can assist them properly.

The Extrovert type of students:

These types of students are extroverts in nature. They make the friends easily, and they are students with a happy nature. They interact with anyone easily, and they solve their problems easily. Generally, they are open-minded. In any school, teachers are not worry about such types of students. This type of student is very helpful to the teachers, and teachers can make them helpful to others too.

The Introvert type of students:

Introvert type of students feels uneasy to make new friends. They are introverted in nature. Occasionally, we can say such students as students with reserved nature. These types of students think a lot, but they feel uneasy expressing their thoughts and even their problems so; thus they need special attention from teachers. There are different needs of students for teaching.

The Teacher's Role to be Played

A teacher is a group leader who has to deal with the students, and he has to motivate them to get the desired goals like teaching and learning objectives. He requires a healthy and self-motivated team to accomplish many tasks. Here the teacher has to play a role of a responsible parent too. Why can we say it? It is because if any student feels some concerns, he cannot pay proper attention to school activities as well as homework. So, we find the teacher's role as a friend, so he can find out the issues and their solutions so.

Beautiful helping story of a student

I would like to tell a story of a student. In a school, there was a girl student of 8th standard. She was a very punctual and obedient student. Once a time her teacher noticed that she became irregular, and she is not paying proper attention to her work. Her teacher talked to the students with a gentle attitude to know the problem clearly. When her teacher talked to the student as a friend, she realized that she has been facing some adjustment issues with her younger sister. The teacher noticed the difficulty and did her efforts wisely to solve the problem. After a few days, the student felt happy, and she was not in any anxiety. How wonderful........? The teacher did an impressive job.

There is much more to discuss on this topic. Would you like to add something to help to enrich this post…?

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