Need and Importance of Moral Education in Schools

“Need and Importance of Moral Education in Schools”

It is a big question for the schools how to manipulate moral values among the students. How and when moral values should be teaching the students? It will be a big question for the schools when schools have been facing different types of behavioral problems among the students. Occasionally, we can say that it is the influence of modern times, or it may be an effect of improper care by parents, or it may be an effect of change in the society and changing family environment.

Need for Moral Education:

Need of Moral Education

However, it is a big concern in many schools that students are morally not perfect, and they behave irresponsibly. It became a big issue for schools to deal with such students. The lack of moral values and the unhealthy attitudes of students is the main reason for many issues in several schools. It is an excellent reason for teaching moral education. They have been realizing the importance of moral education in school. Now, many schools need to improve students’ moral education.

Advantages of Moral Education:

What the advantages of good moral values in education are? Why moral education should be taught in schools? Why school teachers should have to teach moral lessons to the students? Actually, man is a social animal, and he has to live and react within the society. He has to learn different social habits like helping the people, gentleness, respecting the elders and teachers and so many. These good habits make him a good social creature, and he is known as a good person to others. When a student attains these qualities, he becomes a responsible and a good student, and he can behave gently in society. When he learns these qualities during school time, his homework and preparation become good.

Which subjects cover moral education, the most?

Many schools have been searching for the reasons for the depreciation in moral values, and they have been working for developing good moral values among the students. However, moral values are an integrated part of education, and it is greatly emphasized in almost all countries. Generally, Moral Education is not a specific subject for schools, but it is taught under different subjects like languages, literature, supplementary reading books, etc. Moral Education is taught as a separate subject like Moral Science in a few schools.

Can morals be taught in the school?

Obviously, morals can be taught in the schools easily. Schools have been doing several efforts to manipulate the moral values among the students. The syllabus is designed in such type to combine many moral values through stories, poems, and many lessons. Sometimes textbooks include many inspirational lessons about great people so that students may learn from their life.

Teaching morals and values in the classroom

Textbooks and syllabi indeed fulfill the needs of moral values, but when a teacher wants to teach moral values, he needs some other things as well. Every so often he uses moral sayings, moral stories, and different type’s cultural activities to enhance the level of moral education. Cultural activities are very useful to manipulate and teach moral education lessons. Teachers have to include morals in day-by-day activities in the schools,

Do cultural activities help to increase students moral values?

How can a teacher use cultural activities to teach moral values? Actually, in many countries, there are many festivals, days, and occasions for any special idea or special event. When schools organize these festivals, they have great and innovative opportunities to impart various lessons. Children's assembly (In Hindi BAL SABHA) is a great example of this. It is a very famous and well-known cultural activity for schools, where each student finds an opportunity to express himself.

In several school-level festivals, there is freedom for teachers to choose desired planning for any activity. Teaching moral education is not a particular topic, but it can be taught under various programs and activities. Teachers can use different plays and such activities to demonstrate various moral education lessons. Cultural activities can play a great role in this. Besides cultural activities, there are many interesting activities for providing moral education lessons like a daily prayer where teachers can arrange a daily activity such as “The quote of the day”; where students say nice thoughts.

In this article about “The Need and Importance of Moral Education in Schools”, these are my ideas. What do you think about this?

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