Schools Using Technology To Communicate With Parents

We know that technology changing the face of education. Schools and parents are familiar with this. It is important to make parents feel valuable. Good parent-teacher communication in school starts with making parents feel valuable. Building parent-teacher relationships is a vital part of student learning. Nowadays, technology advantages make it smart, easier, and creative to use modern communication tools like mobile and WhatsApp.

How Schools Using Technology To Communicate With Parents- A story

Here is a nice story; you can enjoy this.

A short story about technology advantages

A small story of little master Harsh who has been studying is 1st standard in a public school in India. One day, he came to his father and asked him to call a number which is provided by his school Principal. His father called on that number. After two rings, the phone disconnected automatically. Harsh's father got a welcome message by the name of that School. Thereafter, his father received regular updates from the school about significant events, holidays, unit test exams, sports activities, etc. It is a great example of technological advantages.

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Benefits of the communication revolution

Techniques for teachers to communicate with students and parents.

This is simple storytelling of how schools have been using technology to communicate to the parents. A particular school used straightforward and simple technology to communicate with parents. This small story may be an ideal story for many school administrations where they realize a communication gap. With the development in information technology, we find many wonderful techniques and tools for communication. This short story is telling about the role of telecommunication technology to communicate better.

Technology To Communicate With Parents

In this short story, master Harsh's father felt happiness that now he can be informed about the activities of his child's school, and now he can plan better for his child. Many parents of master Harsh's school now got a source of information in their hands.

Now, technology has introduced itself in the education sector. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using technology for kids learning. We are going to publish a new article about this. Keep visiting our blog for the latest updates.

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