Unfortunate Man And His Mother


A Poor Couple lived in a Small Village in India. They had only a Son. Inspite of their meager income, they gave him the Best Education. Son graduated as an Engineer from nearby City college and got a good job. Eventually, he got married to a rich girl from the city.

Initially, they lived with His Parents in the Village. Soon, the wife got tired of village life, and persuaded her husband to move to the city, leaving his old parents in the Village. However, they kept visiting his parents off and on. But soon, as he became busier in his work, such visits became rarer and rarer.

The time passed with the son wanting more and more money and a better life for his family which, by now, included only his wife, not his parents. Simultaneously, the husband got a job with the US. Since he was urgently required to join, he could not visit his parents before the departure.

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He was very successful in his new assignment abroad and got so engrossed in the new job that he completely forgot about his parents back in a small Indian village. By now, he had lived in the U.S. for about 20 years with his wife. Initially, he used to send money to his parents regularly. But as time passed, he started forgetting often. Eventually, with time, he stopped sending the money and lost touch with his parents altogether.

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Unfortunate man and his mother story

ओल्ड वुमन स्टोरी, एजिंग पैरेंट

However, while he prayed these days, immediately after each prayer, he could hear someone telling him in his ears that his prayers are unacceptable. He felt very uncomfortable about this, though. Ultimately one day, he related this Story to a 'Pious' man who, after knowing all the facts of his life from him, advised him to go back to India to visit his parents.

The man flew to India, and reached his Village. Everything had changed over there. He could not find his house. So, he asked the Head of the Village about the whereabouts of his old house and his Parents.

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The Head of the Village directed him to a dilapidated house, and said: “In this house, lives an Old blind lady who lost her husband a few months ago. Villagers have been looking after her needs. She has a Son who migrated to the US some twenty Years back, and never came back again. What an Unfortunate Son.”

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The son enters that house, and recognizes his mother on the bed but obviously in bad shape, almost listlessly sleeping. He tip-toed, as he would rather not wake her up. Suddenly, he hears his mother whispering, mumbling something while she lay half asleep. He gets closer to hear his Mother’s voice. This is what his Mother was mumbling, “God, I am now very Old, and Blind. My Husband just died. There is no one to cremate me when I Die. So please SEND MY SON to fulfill my last wish”.

This is the ending of a Story where the Prayer of a Mother has been accepted.

A human body can bear only 45 Del (units) of Pain. But at the Time of giving Birth, a Mother feels up to 57 Del (units) of Pain which is similar to 20 Bones getting fractured, all at the same time. This is just to tell you the extent, to which a Mother Loves Her Child and undergoes such extreme pains happily for the child.

That's why it is said: “God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers”.

Excerpts From our Book, 'Goodness Galore (GG-2)'. Captain Ravi Mahajan Retd.